10 Popular Tree Memorials Planted with Biodegradable Urns

As cremation continues to surge in popularity, so does tree urn memorials that give families the ability to plant a tree with ashes of a loved one. Below we’ve highlighted ten of the most popular tree memorial options used with The Living Urn's biodegradable urn or biotree urn.

1) Red Maple

Red Maple Tree Urn

The Red Maple is one of the most popular trees in America and also one of the most hardy. It can grow and thrive from as far north as Maine to as far south as sunny Florida. Its unique root system adapts to the type of soil – in wet soil its roots first grow laterally to establish a base and in dry soil conditions it first grows long taproots. In addition to being a hardy and adaptive option, the red maple is also a beautiful tree. From its bright red foliage displayed in the fall, to its winter shoots and summer green, the red maple is a sure sight to see! It has become one of the most popular tree options offered by The Living Urn® bio urn and planting system. To learn more about the red maple tree and all of its benefits check out this blog.

2) Twilight Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle Urn

The Twilight Crape Myrtle tree, with its bright purple flowers, is a symbol of love, longevity and good fortune. In certain cultures, crape myrtle trees are also a symbol of marriage and commitment. It can be found in warmer climates throughout the U.S. and is a sight not to be missed!  It is a smaller tree that can be added to beautify any landscape.

3) Weeping Willow

willow urn

The Weeping Willow, with its long sweeping branches and striking yellow and green foliage, provides a feeling of harmony and comfort. It’s truly a unique tree that can beautify any landscape. Similar to the red maple, the weeping willow is a resilient tree that can grow and thrive in many different conditions. Its size and giant canopy provides shade and great shelter for a variety of animals. It also has medicinal value and it is believed Hippocrates from fifth century BC found that chewing willow tree bark would help with reducing fevers. Later it was found that the bark contains salicylic acid which can help reduce pain. This lead to the development of a synthetic version in the late 1800s that’s now modern day aspirin. Many families have planted willow tree memorials throughout the U.S., and especially in the Midwest and Southern states.

4) Pink Dogwood

dogwood urn

The Pink Dogwood tree, with its stunning bright pink blooms with white accents, is one of the most popular landscape trees in the U.S. and a favorite among people looking for a flowering bio urn tree memorial!  It is a low branching tree that can serve as a great contrast in a yard with evergreens and other greenery. The red fruit it produces are also a favorite of many types of birds. This special tree and its relatives in the dogwood family are often referenced in Christian writings. Many relate the dogwood to Easter and a tree of new beginnings.

5) Flowering Cherry

cherry tree urn

The Flowering Cherry tree is a symbol of beauty, rebirth, and life’s brilliance. Its yearly blooms are believed by many to be some of the most beautiful sights in the world. An abundance of flowering cherry trees can be found at our nation’s capital in Washington D.C., which has become an extremely popular tourist destination when they're in full bloom. The symbolism of rebirth has its origins in agricultural reproduction in Japan dating back to the 700s. To learn more about the flowering cherry tree and its history click here.

6) White Oak

oak urn

The White Oak tree is a favorite of many in the Northern half of the United States. Oaks are symbols of strength and longevity, living for hundreds of years. They are famous trees with a ton of historical references. The white oak tree played a major part of the foundation of America with many uses, including shipbuilding. The USS Constitution, made from white oak wood, got its famous nickname of ‘Old Ironsides’ after deflecting a bombardment of cannons during the War of 1812.

7) Sugar Maple

sugar maple urn

The Sugar Maple is a true ‘giver’ and always willing to lend a helping hand. Its dense foliage provides great shade, it’s a provider of maple syrup, and has been the source of various medicine used over time. In addition, the Sugar Maple displays amazing orange, red, and yellow colors during the fall. With its sheer beauty and usefulness, more U.S. states have made the Sugar Maple their state tree than any other tree – this includes New York, West Virginia, Vermont and Wisconsin.

8) Eastern Redbud

redbud urn

The Eastern Redbud is a magnificent tree with brilliant pink and purple flowers that shine in the Spring and heart-shaped leaves that change from red, to green then to yellow in the Fall. Its branches grow in wild, irregular directions making the tree even more interesting and adding to its appearance. George Washington frequently wrote about the beauty of the redbud tree and transplanted a number of redbuds from a nearby forest to his garden. The redbud is also highly resilient and can grow and thrive from planting zones 4 through 9.

9) Braided Money Bonsai Tree

braided money urn

The Braided Money tree is believed by many to bring good luck and good fortune. It can be planted inside in an indoor planting urn or outdoors over fifty degrees Fahrenheit. It is believed to create positive energy and therefore a popular choice for Feng Shui. The Money Tree is highly resilient and doesn’t require much care – a great option for the novice grower who still wants a beautiful tree memorial for a loved one. 

10) Trained Tiered Juniper Bonsai Tree

bonsai urn

The Trained Tiered Juniper Bonsai tree originates from Japan and is by far the most popular bonsai tree in the world. It is what most people think of when they hear “bonsai”. It is a tree that lives a very long time and can tolerate a variety of climates and conditions. Similar to the Braided Money Tree, it is also an excellent tree option for the novice grower. The Trained Tiered Juniper Bonsai can be planted on a patio or in a garden with a The Living Urn’s special bonsai urn.

What Tree Will You Choose?

With so many tree burial options, it is important to do your research and see which one you prefer and which one can grow and thrive where you planting. Hopefully this blog was helpful in highlighting a few of the many popular tree options available with The Living Urn.