How to Cope with the Death of a Loved One?

After a loved one passes, most people experience a time of extreme emotional stress. Everyone may deal with loss and grief differently, and there’s no right or wrong way to cope. In addition to dealing with the shock of a loss, many people also need to figure out funeral arrangements and plan a memorial for their loved one.

Outlined below are a number of ideas that people experiencing a loss have shared with us that have been helpful for them during such a difficult time. These may not be right for everyone, but at least provide some examples which may be helpful.

  • Spend Time with Family and Friends. Meet at the home of a friend or family member and spend the day (or days) together and remember the loved one who passed;
  • Remember. Go to a special place you used to visit with your loved one. When you get there, find a quiet place to sit and reflect. This can be extremely emotional, but for some, it is a helpful way to cope and remember their loved one;
  • Reflect. Gather photos of your loved one who’s passed and buy a large picture frame or book to place them in. You can also take pictures or video clips and make a video. Share the pictures or video with other family members and friends. Photos and videos are a great way to think back to good times in life that you were able to share with your loved one;
  • Plant a Tree. Visit your local nursery and purchase a tree to plant in memory of your loved one. The process of planting a tree can be extremely helpful during the grieving process. It gets you outside and active and productive.  Doing something special like this to honor your loved one and keep their memory present in your life can be a helpful way to express your feelings for your loved one. You can also take this a step further and purchase The Living Urn eco urn and planting system and plant a tree memorial incorporating some or all of a loved one’s ashes.  Trees grow and provide so much – for nature, the environment, wildlife, and mankind. Visit the tree, watch it grow and, let it serve as a living memory of your loved one;
  • Plan. Meet with other family members to help plan the funeral, cremation or burial, memorial, arrange for transport of your loved one, obtain a death certificate, write an obituary, contact others about the passing, contact employers, insurance companies, banks, etc.;
  • Talk. Make an appointment with a therapist or visit with friends, family or people at your church and talk. Talking about the pain you feel for the loss of a loved one can be extremely helpful;
  • Take a Long Walk. For many, a little exercise goes a long way in helping to clear the mind and reduce emotional stress. It could be as simple as taking a walk outside or riding a bike or whatever exercise you enjoy. During this time, take deep breaths and try to relax as much as reasonably possible;
  • Take a Trip. For most, a time of grief might seem like an inappropriate time to take a vacation. However, for some it can be helpful to get away and reflect on your loved one on your own special beach, in the mountains, or even down the street at a hotel.  Getting away can give you the ability to reset and face life head on;
  • Fundraise. If your loved one had a special cause, or passed away from an illness, help raise awareness and fundraise for a reputable charity that supports that cause or helps find a cure for that illness. Being productive in such a positive way may also be beneficial for you;
  • Make Your Bucket List. Losing a loved one makes many realize how precious life is. Create your bucket list and start knocking things off every so often;
  • Volunteer. At a time of grief, many feel satisfied giving back and helping others. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter, church, school, camp, etc.  Being productive in such a positive way may be beneficial for you. Be part of a group and help others;
  • Work. Many find that putting in extra hours at the job is a way to clear the mind and help reduce anxiety and stress related to the passing of a loved one;
  • Grow a House Plant. Pick up a house plant at a local nursery and plant in a pot indoors. Alternatively, order The Living Urn Indoors and a bonsai tree or house plant and grow a memorial from this special bio urn containing some or all of your loved one’s ashes to remember your loved one. Doing something special to honor your loved one and keep their memory present in your life can be a helpful way to express your feelings for your loved one;
  • Live Life. Be the person your loved one would want you to be. Use this as a reminder that life is a precious gift. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Be a good person, help others, be compassionate and live life to the fullest!