I Want to Get a Living Urn Bio Urn But Where Do I Plant It?

If you love the idea of giving back and becoming a tree after you die, you’re not alone. The Living Urn bio tree urn and planting system is gaining a significant amount of interest among the over one million Americans who choose cremation each year. People recognize that cemeteries take up precious land and natural resources, and want to ‘give back’ and do something positive for future generations by being cremated into a tree instead of simply taking up space in a cemetery.

Now, many of the thousands of people who want to become a tree after they die with a tree pod burial are also looking to find a place to plant it. There are many options that are available..

  1. Be Planted in a Family Members’ or Friends Yard or on Land That They Own: This is a very common option that people choose so the memorial tree can be kept in a loved one’s view and care. Future generations can swing from the branches, have a picnic under the shade the tree provides, lean against the trunk and read their favorite book, etc.
  2. Be Planted in a Large Pot: With this, a spouse, family member, or friend can care for you and watch your tree grow, but also take you with them if they move. It also provides flexibility if your family member or friend does not have a yard to plant the tree in. A number of the tree options presented by The Living Urn can be planted in a large pot and grow and thrive.
  3. Be Planted on Other Property: This includes a golf course, church, park, community center… (of course, with permission). Many people choose this option as it provides the needed flexibility for the family but still keeps the memorial close to ‘home’.
  4. Be Planted at a Memory Forest: This is a new movement with locations popping up throughout the country. A Memorial Garden is typically connected to a cemetery, funeral home, or other type of funeral service provider and provides an eternal growing place for your memorial tree. Similar to a cemetery, the grounds are cared for and family and friends can come visit and pay their respects. Many of these memorial gardens have partnered with The Living Urn to provide their proprietary bio urn and planting system. To find one near you, contact The Living Urn at (800) 495-7022.
  5. Order a Living Urn Indoors: The Living Urn has a new Bonsai Tree Urn where you can grow a Bonsai Tree or Plant in an attractive ceramic urn that can be grown indoors or on a patio [updated June 2018].

Bottom line is you have options. If you don’t have a place to plant it for yourself, be resourceful and find out where this can be accomplished. The Living Urn customer service is also very helpful in finding the right solution for your planting.