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Order The Living Urn Today and Choose When You Would Like Your Tree!

Order The Living Urn Today and Choose When You Would Like Your Tree!

Like many things, we don’t have control over when we or someone we love passes away. Saying goodbye can be difficult and there are many things to consider when planning memorials, wakes, and funerals. If you’re planning your own or someone else's, The Living Urn has made it easy for you to get the memorial you want and the one the person you love deserves.

During the winter months, colder weather, snow, and ice can make it a challenge in many areas throughout the country to plan a funeral and plant a living memorial. Lucky for you, when you choose The Living Urn to lay those who have passed to rest you can have their special bio urn and planting system shipped right away and the tree or shrub shipped directly from The Living Urn’s award winning nursery at a date of your choosing. Many families choose to display The Living Urn at a loved one’s funeral then have the tree or shrub arrive fresh and ready to plant in the Spring when the weather is warmer.

Another common reason families choose to get The Living Urn right away is to have the funeral home or cremation service provider place a loved one’s ashes in the BioUrn. You can then place the BioUrn back in the attractive bamboo container provided and store until the time comes to plant. Many families will hold planting ceremonies in the Spring and make plans ahead of time with out of town friends and family so they can be in attendance.

Mark Brewer, company President, commented, “Many families hold planting ceremonies with a Living Urn containing their loved one's cremated remains. During these ceremonies, family and friends can take an active role in the planting process and view the beautiful living memorial once it’s planted. These ceremonies also commonly involve sharing stories about a loved one who passed and reflecting on the good times together.”

Brewer continues, “There are many reasons why families want The Living Urn now and want to hold off on getting their tree or shrub until the Spring. By getting The Living Urn right away, they can display this at a funeral or celebration in honor of the one who passed, and also have the funeral home place their loved one’s ashes in the urn. Then, getting the tree in the Spring gives families the ability to get outdoors and plant when the weather is warmer.”

To view the tree and shrub options offered with The Living Urn in your area, click here, and enter your zip code in the space provided. To order The Living Urn now and have a tree of choice shipped in the Spring or at another time of your choosing, simply place that in the notes at checkout, or contact The Living Urn’s Denver-based customer service team at (800) 495-7022, ext. 0 after you order with your order number to let them know when you would like your tree to arrive.

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