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The Red Maple: Beauty, Tolerance, Intelligence

The Red Maple is a favorite tree of many in North America.

There are many interesting traits and facts related to the Red Maple, and we’ve highlighted a few below:

Beauty:  The Red Maple shows its red color in all four seasons – red buds in the Winter months, flowers in the Spring, leafstalks in the Summer and foliage in the Fall. 

Tolerance: The Red Maple has a high level of tolerance. It can thrive in a variety of variety of soil types and pH of the soil environment, including swamps, dry soils, and everywhere in between. It can also tolerate a variety of climates – from the severe cold in Newfoundland to the warm, humid weather in the South Florida. They’re also very tolerant to flooding (multiple studies of flooding with red maples have shown no damage to their leaves) and drought (studies have shown they can stop growing under drought conditions only to resume later). With such tolerance, the Red Maple arguably has the greatest planting range of any tree in North America.

Intelligence: The Red Maple is able to adapt and thrive in a variety of conditions by producing roots that are suitable for the different soil environments. For example, in wet, swampy locations, the Red Maple grows short taproots along with long and developed roots that grow laterally. Alternatively, in dry soil conditions, the Red Maple will grow long taproots along with short lateral roots.

Giver: The fruit generated by Red Maples are a favorite food of squirrels. In addition, white-tailed deer, elk and rabbits enjoy the Red Maples shoots and leaves. Also, the Red Maple’s fast growth and dense foliage make it a great tree for shade to protect people from the hot Summer sun – it then loses its leaves in the Winter for the sun to pass through and help warm things up!

In addition to being a popular landscape tree around houses, buildings, and parks, the Red Maple can also be found in many forests throughout the eastern part of North America. Also, according to the folks at The Living Urn, a bio urn and planting system that’s growing in popularity, the Red Maple has become one of their most popular tree options. Now, not only can you enjoy the beauty of the Red Maple while you’re alive, after you pass, you can even have your remains planted in a Living Urn biodegradable urn and planting system that grows into a Red Maple tree and serves as a living memorial for generations to come!

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