The Unique Relationship Between People and Trees

Similar to people, every tree is unique. While some trees may look similar being the same species, no two trees are alike. Branches grow at different angles and buds and flowers occur in different places. Trees also grow at different rates and some end up being tall, others short, some are skinny, while others are wide.

Trees have always had an important relationship with people. From what we’ve learned from the earliest inscriptions, to the present day, they’ve been there for us. They are something to rely on for beauty, shade, and shelter, among other things. Animals also rely on trees for much needed food and protection from the elements.

Trees and mankind have a unique relationship that has and will continue to exist. Similar to people, trees are also considered to have special ‘personalities’ and adapt to their environment. For example, in addition to its stunning beauty, a red maple tree is also highly intelligent. It can adapt its root system to the soil environment it’s planted in – long lateral roots and short taproots in wet, swampy soil and short lateral roots and long taproots in dry soil conditions. 

A Denver-based company has taken the tree/people relationship a step further. They’ve developed a unique bio urn and planting system that allows the cremation ashes of a person to be including in their special biodegradable biotree urn containing a tree seedling to grow into a tree. With The Living Urn, two can become one and a beautiful living tree memorial of a person can thrive for years to come.

According to The Living Urn’s co-founder, Mark Brewer, this unique green burial option has its roots dating back centuries, “People have been planting trees in memory of people for hundreds of years. We just took it a step further by incorporating a person’s cremated remains into the planting.”

Brewer continues, “People are becoming less traditional with their afterlife planning. They’re also choosing cremation now more than ever. People want an uplifting option with what to do with their loved one’s cremated remains and The Living Urn provides this. In less than two years since launching, thousands of families throughout the U.S. are now growing a living memorial tree of loved one as a result of The Living Urn. We expect this movement to accelerate as more people become aware of our unique biodegradable urns and planting systems and as people continue to choose cremation over burial.”