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What is the Definition of a Tree?

What is the Definition of a Tree?

The definition of a tree goes far beyond its roots, trunk, branches and leaves.  Trees are complex living organisms that have thrived for thousands of years. Trees are beautiful, symbolic, intelligent, and highly beneficial.

Trees are Beautiful.. Trees show vibrant red, pink, white, purple, yellow, orange and green colors at various times of year. Their leaves and branches take on unique shapes. They add significant beauty to the natural landscape and create shade for people and food and habitat for various wildlife. 

Trees are Symbolic.. Trees symbolize many things. This can include strength, stability, longevity, beauty, love, generosity, purity, physical and spiritual nourishment, wisdom, honesty, health, imagination, and creativity, among others.

Trees are Intelligent.. Trees are intelligent living organisms and possess many senses. For example, trees can sense nearby water, gravitational forces, and shift root direction in anticipation of a nearby obstruction prior to coming in contact with it. Trees can adapt to their surrounding environment and soil conditions and, to the amazement of many scientists, 'think' without the use of a central brain. Certain trees have defense mechanisms and studies have shown trees to also have human-like memory qualities. In addition, deciduous trees go dormant in the winter to protect against the cold and harsh weather, then come ‘alive’ again in the Spring. 

Trees are Highly Beneficial to People.. Trees clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and providing oxygen – it is estimated that a single tree can absorb as much carbon in one year that a car generates while driving twenty-six thousand miles. Trees also help clean the groundwater, prevent erosion, provide us with shade, and serve as windbreaks. They also add significant beauty to our surroundings.

Trees are LIFE.. Trees are living organisms that are a pleasure to have around us.  They grow from a seed, through the seedling stage, to a mature tree. Trees don’t just symbolize life, they are life. Now, it’s even possible to use a loved one’s ashes with a biodegradable urn to grow into a memory tree with a unique bio urn and planting system called The Living Urn. With The Living Urn’s planting system, a loved one who passed can live on for generations to come in the form of a tree memorial. The Living Urn comes with everything needed to plant a tree, including a high quality tree seedling of choice from the Arbor Day Foundation. The growing popularity of The Living Urn shows how strong the bond is between people and trees, and now, we can be closer than ever..

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