Why The Red Maple Tree is a Popular Choice to Plant with The Living Urn

Popular for its beautiful appearance and the shade it gives, the Red Maple is a staple of the American North East. While it is most popular and grows naturally in New Hampshire, Vermont and the surrounding areas, the Red Maple can adjust to various climates and can be found as far south as Florida. Find yourself a patch of shade and find out why Red Maple trees are a popular choice to plant with the Living Urn!

A popular shade tree in the eastern portion of the United States, the Red Maple makes its mark in the region with its red flowers and beautiful bark. It doesn’t matter where it is planted, this gorgeous tree adds something special to any landscape no matter the season. Fast growing, the Red Maple has strong wood. While it prefers slightly acidic and moist soils it does tolerate other soil conditions making it a great choice for people all over the U.S.

The Red Maple’s ornamental features appear throughout the seasons. Its broad growth allows for plenty of shade making it the perfect park tree. Sit beneath the shade it creates and celebrate the life of a loved one. For those who want to be a part of nature after they have passed your tree will grow to a great height and is hard to miss. You can plant the tree all year round and as it grows its beauty continues to amaze through the seasons. You can plant it in your front or back yard or in parks.

Thanks to the Red Maple’s lack of high maintenance you can live most places throughout the U.S. and grow your beautiful tree. Many people have chosen to place their Red Maple in their front yard due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. You can have your loved ones close to you and decorate your yard year-round. The Red Maple stands tall no matter where it is and grows fast once planted. Certain soil types may change the time of growth as well as the actual size, but you will still be able to plant and grow the tree that your loved one wants to stand in their memory.

Beneath the shade of a Red Maple is a perfect place to relax while you visit a lost loved one. The dreariness of grief can be beautiful too and there is no place more perfect then beside a Red Maple as you say goodbye. Plant it in your back or front yard, in a park or cemetery (if permitted), or find another place that you can visit and will accommodate this gorgeous tree.

The Red Maple is a great way to honor your loved one.  Order your Living Urn with a Red Maple Tree today!