Why Trees Make a Perfect Living Memorial For Ourselves and Our Loved Ones

Death, burials, and the afterlife all come with their own symbolism and cultural significance. While each culture may treat these three things very differently, memorials bring them together giving them common ground.

Trees have had a significant impact on various cultures through the ages. Along with the cultural reasons why a tree memorial is a perfect choice to honor a loved one who has passed, there are other important reasons to point out that you may find helpful when making a decision on your memorial.

Trees are amazing living organisms that live for many years and serve important functions in their ecosystems, giving off oxygen for us to breathe and providing a home, shade, and food for animals. Trees can be small like the dwarf willow, the earth’s smallest tree found in Greenland which only measures two inches in height. Trees can also be massive, such as the majestic giant sequoia, the largest of which has grown to be 52,000 square feet in volume. They are diverse in appearance, as some produce delicious fruit, others grow beautiful flowers, some have smooth bark while others have thick course layered bark. Some have big leaves and some have thin needles. Some go dormant in the Winter, while others do not and keep their distinct green color all year round.

Despite all this wonderful variation, all trees help to sustain and improve life on earth. When you memorialize yourself with a tree, you are contributing to the well-being of others - your friends, family, children, grandchildren, pets, acquaintances and strangers. In life people give so much of themselves to help things move along, in death you can help the world and contribute to the beauty and health of the planet while giving your loved ones a special place to visit. 

Trees are an important part of our environment. They are critical to life on Earth. Over the years the earth's habitats have been destroyed and we have looked at a number of options to restore what has been lost. Recycling, using less paper, and replanting trees have helped, but the choice to memorialize using a tree is a great way to breathe new life into a dwindling environment. The more people who choose to grow a living memory tree with The Living Urn burial urn, the more our environment will thrive.

Give back to nature, honor your loved ones, grow a living memory with The Living Urn tree pod burial system.