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Tree Options



With every purchase of The Living Urn™, you have the option to receive a tree seedling of your choice. Seedlings are simply young trees (about 6" to 3' tall depending on the tree species) that have already germinated from a seed and are ready to be planted in The Living Urn™ and grow from your loved ones cremated remains.


Evergreen Tree Seedling

The Evergreen option is best for those that like the elegance and resilience of evergreen trees and want to receive and plant their tree seedling right away. The pine, spruce and cypress evergreen options are famously hardy species that retain their green color year-round. You will select your Evergreen Tree Seedling type at checkout and it will arrive on your doorstep within 3 to 10 days from the date of purchase ready to plant (or, if you purchased your Living Urn™ at a retail store, you receive a voucher for an Evergreen Tree Seedling -- simply visit the link in the upper right hand corner of this page, input your voucher code, and select your seedling).


Seasonal Tree Seedling

Unlike the Evergreen tree options, our Seasonal tree options require special consideration on where they are planted (geographic planting zone) and when they are planted (specific window of time in the spring and fall). For this reason, if you decide to select a Seasonal tree, we provide you with a variety of options tailored specifically to your geographic growing zone identified by your zip code. Also, we will ship your Seasonal Tree Seedling to you only when it is the optimal time for it to be planted so your special memory tree will grow and flourish. Our Seasonal tree option is best for those not interested in memorializing their loved one with an Evergreen tree and those willing to wait to plant their seedling and their Living Urn™ for up to 6 months until the appropriate and optimal time. Your Seasonal Tree Seedling will arrive at your doorstep when the time is right for planting, typically in the spring or fall months. If possible, plant your Living Urn™ and seedling within 5 days of its arrival.

To find out what seasonal trees are available for your particular location, simply visit and type in your zip code in the space provided.

Below are the Seasonal Tree Seedlings we offer (options vary for each growing region and additional trees species may become available from time to time in certain regions):