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Our Element Urn Collection - more ways to create beautiful and meaningful memorial experiences


Eco Scattering™ Urns, our patented line of biodegradable bamboo scattering urns, allow you to scatter ashes of your loved one at a special place in a dignified way with control

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Eco Burial™ Urn, our patent pending biodegradable bamboo urn, is a beautiful and environmentally responsible option to bury ashes of a loved one outdoors or to keep with you

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Eco Water™ Urn, our patent pending biodegradable system, enables families to disperse ashes of a loved one in the ocean, lake, or river in a beautiful way with control and ease

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Ash Scattering Services

Our services are designed to create a personal memorial experience and give you peace-of-mind that your loved one is memorialized in nature in a proper and dignified way.

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grow a living memory

Memory Forest®

Don't have a space or other special place to plant?  We've partnered with leading memorial parks and cemeteries nationwide to provide beautiful places where your loved one's tree memorial can be planted and cared for!

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Our Commitment

For every Living Urn® planted, we'll donate to plant a 2nd tree in one of America's forests in need - doubling the impact of trees and helping with critical reforestation efforts!

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