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We spent years working with soil scientists and arborists to develop the most advanced tree urn and planting system available.

The patented Living Urn® BioUrn® and Planting System is complex in its design, but simple and easy to use. Place your loved one's cremated remains in the BioUrn® and add our proprietary RootProtect® additive on top. Next, lower the roots of the young tree into our special BioUrn®, add premium growth mix, and plant it in the ground. A beautiful, enduring living memorial will then grow up from the urn and the cremated remains to keep your loved one's memory present in your life!

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Select Your Living Urn® BioUrn® & Tree of Choice
Step 1

Select Your Living Urn® BioUrn® & Tree of Choice

Receive a young tree from our award winning nursery or, if you prefer, simply pick one up at your local nursery to plant in combination with The Living Urn. Our trees are 2’ to 4’, depending on tree type and season, with a strong root system, and are shipped separately direct to your doorstep.  We offer each customer a tailored menu of beautiful tree options based on your zip code to ensure you plant a tree well suited for your specific area.

If you prefer to use a tree from your local nursery, simply purchase The Living Urn BioUrn® System Only.  You can plant any size tree with The Living Urn and we include clear and easy to follow planting instructions for all types of trees and sizes.

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The Living Urn® BioUrn® and Planting System typically ships the same day you order (ground and express available). Your tree will ship separately whenever you are ready to plant – just let us know when you would like it shipped at checkout. If you don’t know when you would like to plant yet, simply select The Living Urn BioUrn® with a voucher for a tree which is good for any tree and redeemable on demand. We ship trees separately so families can order year-round whenever the urn is needed and have the flexibility to plant anytime at a later date.

Placing the Ashes
Step 3

Placing the Ashes

Remove the BioUrn® from the bamboo case and transfer the cremated remains into the BioUrn®. Many families perform this step on their own, but you can also ask your funeral home or cremation service provider to help with this step if desired. Put the top back on the BioUrn® and place it back in the bamboo case for safekeeping until you are ready to plant. The Living Urn® BioUrn® and Planting System has no expiration and only biodegrades once planted – therefore, you can store cremated remains in The Living Urn for as long as desired (weeks, years, etc.) prior to planting.

Does the Age of the Ashes Matter?

How Much of the Ashes Should I Use?

Additives & Planting

Additives & Planting

Once you receive your tree, it’s best to plant as soon as you can and within a week if possible. At the time of planting, remove the BioUrn® holding the ashes from the bamboo case and pour the bag of our proprietary RootProtect® additive on top of the cremated remains. Next, simply follow the easy instructions provided to plant the Living Urn with the tree. A beautiful memory tree will then grow and keep your beloved family member's memory present in your life!

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Tree Care
Step 5

Tree Care

Mulch and water your tree well!  Also, check out our tree care blogs for some great information to care for your Memory tree going forward. 

We also have arborists on staff ready and willing to help answer any questions you may have about tree care – give us a call at (800) 495-7022, ext. 0.

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Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or give our Denver-based customer service team a call at (800) 495-7022, ext. 0 - we're here to help!

Used with Young Trees, not seeds or saplings

The Living Urn® BioUrn® and Planting System is the only urn in the world designed to be used with living trees instead of seeds or tiny seedlings. It can be difficult for non-expert growers to have success growing a tree from a seed – seed germination failure rates can be high and even reaching the healthy seedling phase can be a challenge.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our patented bio urn and planting system is comprised of only the highest quality eco-friendly materials and components. Our proprietary BioUrn® is 100% natural and biodegradable, made from recycled plant-derived materials using only water, heat and pressure and is completely free from glues or toxic binding agents. Even our outer shell packaging is handmade from natural bamboo, a sustainable resource. We take great pride in using only environmentally friendly materials and processes. 

Each Living Urn bio urn and tree burial system comes with a special biodegradable urn, a premium tree seedling (or young tree) of your choice, RootProtect, our proprietary additive, aged wood chips, and easy to follow planting instructions - all packaged in an attractive eco-friendly bamboo container! Keep your loved one's memory present in your life, give back to nature, and grow a living memory with this special cremation tree urn!

The Living Urn has significant advantages. One, in particular, is related to the tree itself. Other cremation urn products on the market may provide a tree seed with their bio urn, and the process to grow a tree from a seed can be complicated. Seed germination is a common challenge and failure rates with seeds can be high. At The Living Urn, we’re focused on our customers having a successful outcome growing a tree from ashes and that their loved ones deserve a beautiful tree memorial that will grow and thrive. Therefore, we only provide premium tree seedlings, or young trees, from our award winning nursery to be planted with The Living Urn’s tree pod burial and only offer trees that can grow where you're planting the memorial (which is identified by your zip code above). In addition, our patent pending bio urn is the only one designed to be used with living trees, and not seeds. Be sure to plant a young tree with your memory tree and grow a living memory with The Living Urn!