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The Living Urn Indoors / Patio

The Living Urn Indoors/Patio is an eco-friendly way to honor a loved one who passed with a living memorial. This special porcelain urn features a patent pending growing system, making it easy for you to care for a bonsai tree or houseplant growing from the urn. The urn can also serve as a vase for cut flowers.

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Many families do not have a special place to plant a tree memorial of a loved one. The Living Urn Indoors/Patio is a great alternative to the traditional Living Urn as it can be planted indoors and taken with a family if they move. It is also a memorial that can easily be passed down from generation to generation.

The Living Urn Indoors/Patio can be planted with a bonsai tree, house plant, or cut flowers.

Bonsai Trees

bonsai urnjuniper bonsai urnficus bonsai urn

The bonsai tree is time tested and represents love, peace and tranquility. Our unique selection of bonsai trees have been hand-picked by our arborists as popular options that are hardy, long lasting, and are easy to care for. Some of the options we offer can be planted indoors, while others are recommended to be planted in the urn and kept on a patio or in a garden.

A bonsai tree planted in our unique Living Urn Indoors/Patio is designed to grow for many years to come and can be passed down for generations. The bonsai trees we offer range from six to thirteen years of age and have been grown and cared for by bonsai tree experts (or masters).

Upon receipt of your bonsai tree, simply follow the special instructions we provide to plant in the urn along with your loved one’s cremated remains.

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lily cremation urnplant cremation urn

There are thousands of house plants that can be planted in the center of The Living Urn Indoors. We offer four hardy and beautiful options, which includes the Peace Lilly, Lucky Bamboo, Flamingo Flower, and Sago Palm. Alternatively, you can simply select a houseplant from your local nursery that has a root base that measures 3” in diameter or less and follow the simple instructions we provide to plant and Grow a Living Memory® of a loved one!

Cut Flowers

flower cremation urn

A new option with The Living Urn Indoors, you can now use the special cup provided as a vase to place cut flowers in the center of the urn. Follow the simple instructions we provide to place cut flowers in the center of the urn and enjoy the beauty of a flower memorial!