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Custom Urns for Ashes | Engraved & Personalized Cremation Urns

Custom urns are typically engraved, making them unique and personalized. Many people find that engraved urns help them feel closer to their loved ones and offer a more fitting memorial. Your loved one was a unique person, and customizable urns reflect that. 

Types of Customized Urns

1. Living Urns

A popular type of customized urns for ashes is the beautiful BioUrn. You can engrave the BioUrn before planting it with a young tree, which will grow into an incredible living urn.

2. Living Urn Indoors

Another popular customized urn for ashes is the beautiful Living Urn Indoors. You can engrave the urn before planting it with a bonsai tree or plant, which will grow into an incredible living urn.

custom urns

3. Scattering Urns

Make a scattering ceremony even more meaningful with a custom-made urn. Our bamboo scattering urn is handcrafted and can also be used for display and our proprietary water urn is another beautiful option that can be personalized.

4. Burial Urns

Customize your loved one’s burial urn with a loving sentiment or an image they would enjoy. Our burial urns are handcrafted out of bamboo.

5. Customizable Urns

To make genuinely custom urns for ashes, consider a customizable urn. These urns come in two sizes, regular and keepsake/miniature, and are made from recycled paper. Create a significant memorial with handwritten notes, sentiments, and artwork. 

Most Requested Custom Urns

custom urns

The most requested custom urns are our BioUrn Living Urn system, which grows a beautiful tree from your loved one’s cremated remains. Every tree is unique, so no two living urns will ever be the same. Many people further customize the BioUrn with a custom inscription.

How to Get a Custom-Made Urn

Creating customized urns for human ashes is very straightforward. When purchasing your urn, select “yes” on the engraving option. Next: 

  1. Enter your loved one’s name. This can include their middle name or initial and any other titles or honorifics you want. Using their full initials is also appropriate. 
  2. Next, you’ll enter the dates of their birth and passing. 
  3. If you want to add a sentiment, choose from a list or use your own words. 
  4. You then select the font style and an image for engraving. 

FAQs About Personalized Urns

  • How much do custom urns cost?

    Personalized urns for human ashes typically cost between $30-60 to engrave. The cost will depend on the amount and type of engraving and could be less or more. 

    • Can I design my own urn?

    Yes, it is possible to design your own urn. An urn can be anything sturdy with a cavity for the ashes, so in many ways, the options are endless. 

    • What should I engrave on an urn?

      Here are some ideas for your sentiment on a custom urn. These might inspire you if you’d like to write your own sentiment. It is lovely to use your own words, but it’s, of course, not necessary. 

      1. We Love You Always
      2. She/He/They Loved and Was Loved
      3. Forever In Our Hearts
      4. At Rest
      5. At Peace
      6. Though Gone From Sight To Memory Dear
      7. May She/He/They Rest In Peace
      8. Forever In Our Thoughts
      9. Much Loved
      10. Peace At Last

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