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Biodegradable Burial Urn

Material: Bamboo

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The Eco Burial BioUrn® is a leading new eco-friendly way to bury the ashes of a loved one in a dignified way at their permanent resting place in nature! It can also serve as a beautiful bamboo cremation urn that can be kept indoors permanently or temporarily.

This all-natural, proprietary biodegradable urn is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and is simple and easy to use. Each hand-made urn is rubbed with a natural oil to accentuate the grains and colors of the bamboo. The lid is secured with a strong, birch wood locking pin. 

Bury your BioUrn® in a garden, forest, a natural burial cemetery, or any personal place with meaning. Or, simply keep this beautiful piece on the mantle or in any special place in your home permanently, or until you are ready to find a peaceful location where your loved one can Rest in Nature®. 

Size - the Eco Burial BioUrn® is designed to hold as much or as little of one set of ashes (approx. 225 It is large enough to hold all of a person’s ashes, but you may also include just a portion. This is the case when families split up the ashes among family and friends, or if they simply want use the remains for different urns or keepsakes.

Engraving - the bamboo engraves beautifully!  Our special engraving equipment uses a laser to engrave the bamboo with names, dates, symbols, and a special personal messages, allowing you to be creative and personal.

Special Multi-Purpose BioUrn® - The Eco Burial BioUrn® is a beautiful and popular choice.  It can be used to store the remains of your loved one like a traditional urn or be used for scattering or burying remains at a peaceful location where your loved one can Rest in Nature®. 

Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

The Eco Burial BioUrn® is 100% all natural and biodegradable, made entirely from beautiful bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and happens to be one of the most environmentally friendly building materials on the planet! 

Although it is biodegradable, it will not biodegrade unless it is placed in the ground and exposed to soil and moisture. Therefore, it can be used to place your loved one in nature right away or it can be used as a regular urn to hold ashes for as many years as you like before finding a permanent resting place.

Unique Features

Unique Features

Comes with an All-Natural Cotton Bag - each Eco Burial Urn is wrapped in an attractive decorative paper and arrives at your doorstep inside a special hand sewn, 100% natural premium cotton drawstring bag. Remove your Eco Burial Urn from the cotton bag and place the ashes in the biodegradable cotton bag. The special bag is sewn with tight strong seams, designed to hold ashes and be placed inside the BioUrn®.

Locking Mechanism - the unique birch pin locking mechanism secures your loved one's ashes inside the urn.



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Orders with Engravings:  Orders received before 2pm MT (4pm ET) will likely be shipped out the same day (we will try our very best). However, since custom engraving takes some time, it may ship the next day. 

Once shipped, how long until it arrives?  - we’re based in Denver and regular shipping takes 2 to 4 days depending on your proximity to us. Of course, we also offer Overnight Express and 2-Day Express shipping options if needed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Family Program & Pre-Need

Family Program & Pre-Need

The Family Program is designed for families that are splitting up ashes or sharing ashes among family to use for different purposes (scattering, Living Urn, keeping some in a conventional urn, etc.). With the Family Program, you receive 10% off your entire order when ordering more than one urn, making it more affordable to pursue the memorial options best suited for your family (simply use discount code FAMILYPROGRAM at checkout).

Pre Need (making plans in advance) - we understand your interest in taking care of plans ahead of time. The Eco Burial BioUrn® can be purchased for yourself or in advance for a loved one. The urn has no expiration, and, although it is all natural and biodegradable, it will not biodegrade unless it is placed in the ground and exposed to soil and moisture.  Therefore, it can be stored safely for many years before use (as long as desired). 

Use Ecorial with the Eco Burial Urn!

Use Ecorial with the Eco Burial Urn!

The Ecorial® App is the leading new way to memorialize and honor a loved one as they Rest in Nature®. When burying ashes at a special place use the Ecorial® App to “mark the spot” by recording the exact GPS coordinates plus the time and date of the event. You can also upload photos and videos of your loved one’s forever resting place and create a beautiful interactive online memorial with ease. This special location can be found forever on the Memory Map® and shared with family, friends, and, if you choose, the world to see! The Ecorial® app can be found in Apple’s App Store (for iOS), Google Play (for Android), and on the web at

When it comes to biodegradable urns, the Eco Burial Urn has quickly become a top choice for funeral homes, cemeteries, cremation service provider and retail customers all over the U.S. The Eco Burial Urn is a biodegradable urn for ashes and it was developed for families interested in buying a biodegradable burial urn or a biodegradable urn for burying ashes. Not only is the Eco Burial Urn for cremation ashes a great choice as a bio urn to bury ashes, it is also often used as a bio urn to scatter ashes or a biodegradable scattering urn for ashes and this versatility is why it is growing in popularity all over the U.S. and abroad. 

The Eco Burial urn 100% biodegradable and all natural and is handmade from bamboo. This is one of the reasons it is the favorite biodegradable urn made from bamboo of choice for U.S. funeral homes. As a 100% bamboo piece, it is often referred to as a bamboo cremation urn or a biodegradable bamboo urn. We make the Eco Burial Urn out of bamboo not only because it is beautiful, strong, and light weight, but also because is a very environmentally friendly material. In fact, it is one of the most eco-friendly building materials available and is considered a sustainable resource because it grows back in such a short period of time after it is harvested. Being eco-friendly and beautiful has led to bamboo urns for ashes such as the Eco Burial urn being very popular.  So, what is an Eco Burial Urn? To answer this question, the Eco Burial Urn is a bamboo burial urn for ashes and can also be classified as a bamboo funeral urn in addition to bamboo scattering urn for ashes. Some people will even use Eco Burial to intern cremation ashes in a biodegradable urn tree cemetery or a Memory Forest where Living Urns are planted. The Eco Burial Urn may be used in this way when a person wants to bury ashes in a cemetery near a tree or bury a biodegradable urn under a tree instead of planting ashes with a Living Urn bio urn. The Eco Burial can be purchased on our website on Amazon. In addition, you can find Eco Burial at a funeral home near you all over the United States. Eco Burial is sometimes purchased in addition to other urns such as a Bio Urn for humans or a bio urn for pets or a biodegradable urn for pets and used as a keepsake to keep cremated remains permanently. One common question we hear is where can I buy a Living Urn or where can I buy a Bio Urn and when they see the Element Urns catalog they realize the Eco Burial Urn is a wonderful alternative or additional urn to keep some of the ashes permanently. Also, when families are searching for Living Urn cost or bio urn cost they may also choose the Eco Burial Urn as a less costly and simple biodegradable urn for ashes alternative. Eco Burial is often used as a traditional urn or a bamboo keepsake urn to permanently hold ashes because it will not biodegrade until it is exposed to soil and moisture in the ground. We also recommend the Eco Burial Urn for people that would like a cremation urn that you can bury.