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What is a Memory Forest™?

Memory Forests™ are beautiful, tranquil resting places for our loved ones full of trees and life! At a Memory Forest™, a Living Urn® holding your loved one’s ashes is planted with a tree of choice to grow an enduring living memorial that will be cared for and thrive for generations to come!

We’ve established exclusive partnerships with leading cemeteries and memorial gardens throughout the U.S. to offer this service to people who are looking for a location to have a special tree memorial for a loved one. We offer families a beautiful, tranquil and permanent resting place to plant their memory tree and have it cared for as it grows into an enduring living memorial!

An Uplifting Memorial

Memory Forests are beautiful, tranquil resting places for our loved ones full of trees and life! We plant a memory tree with your loved ones cremated remains and The Living Urn to grow a beautiful, enduring living memorial that will be cared for and endure for generations to come!

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Give Back

By growing a memory tree, you're giving back to the environment and future generations! Plus for each memory tree planted, we'll donate to plant another 10 trees in an area of the U.S. in need of reforestation! Join us as we replace tombstones with trees and cemeteries with forests...

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Watch The Tree Grow

Come to Memory Forest to visit a loved one's living memorial. We're creating beautiful, serene landscapes to gather friends and family, to pay honor, to heal and remember. We're developing special options, including artistic memorials and technology that will let you view a memory tree from anywhere, anytime!

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Why Memory Forest™?

Memory Forests™ are committed to replacing tombstones with trees, cemeteries with forests...

As cremation continues to gain in popularity, more and more people are looking for uplifting options for their own, or their loved one’s memorial. The vision of Memory Forest™ is to create a beautiful and meaningful afterlife option for families that allows them to honor their loved ones and give back to those left behind.

In addition to our services including tree planting as well as ongoing and professional tree care, we also provide special options to make the experience more memorable.

How Does It Work?

It's simple...

Find a Memory Forest™ near you to learn about pricing and options available to you at that location. Options can include:

  • Type of tree
  • Plot location
  • Planting date
  • Planting ceremony
  • Artistic and traditional memorial markers
  • Technology* (With QR codes and videos, we bring a new, multidimensional experience to visiting the memorials of family and friends)
  • Remote viewing* (allows for the viewing of the tree in real-time online on your computer, tablet or phone)
*coming soon to select locations

History of Memory Forest™

Memory Forest™ was launched in 2018 by the same team who developed The Living Urn, America's first and leading bio urn and planting system. As demand for The Living Urn has surged, more and more people have been looking for a permanent resting place and continual care for their loved one's memory tree.

Now, through exclusive partnerships with leading cemeteries and memorial parks throughout the U.S., Memory Forest™ provides a beautiful way to honor a loved one, give back to nature, and grow a living memory...

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