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Modern Urns

Modern Urns are beautiful pieces of art that also honor a loved one in a unique and special way. Our exclusive collection are produced by skilled artists in Europe and the United States and are offered to you at a reasonable price...
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    $159.00 - $285.00
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    The Venezia is a beautiful handcrafted porcelain urn with a unique design that was inspired by the canals of Venice. This stunning modern memorial ...

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  • Original price $165.00 - Original price $295.00
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    $165.00 - $295.00
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    Infinite Love

    This stunning modern memorial urn is handcrafted from porcelain and provides a unique and beautiful look. It comes in two colors (white and black) ...

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  • Original price $315.00 - Original price $315.00
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    $315.00 - $315.00
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    The striking Bristol is an eye-catching urn that comes with either a natural bamboo or gloss grey accent.  This sleek urn matches modern decor in ...

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    The Palazzo is a beautiful modern tower-shaped urn with intricate engraving on the each side. It has a soft, welcoming look that can be a great ad...

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  • Original price $175.00 - Original price $295.00
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    $175.00 - $295.00
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    Cherished Crystal Urn

    The Cherished Crystal urn holds a loved one's ashes and is handcrafted by skilled artisans in a small town in the Czech Republic - an area known fo...

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  • Original price $319.00 - Original price $319.00
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    The Icon

    An American classic, this beautiful modern urn is a unique piece that creates a statement in any home. With its distinct lines and complementary c...

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  • Original price $265.00 - Original price $395.00
    Original price $265.00 - Original price $395.00
    Original price $265.00
    $195.00 - $295.00
    $195.00 - $295.00
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    The Living Urn Planter™

    This limited edition series of “living” urns hold the ashes of a loved one as well as a living succulent or other small plant that will keep your l...

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  • Original price $179.00
    Original price $179.00 - Original price $179.00
    Original price $179.00
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    $159.00 - $159.00
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    EcoHome™ is a beautiful new urn offering from The Living Urn. It is handcrafted from bamboo, a beautiful and sustainable material. The all natural,...

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Modern Urn Materials

Modern urns can be designed with a number of high-quality materials, which can add inspiration and breathtaking beauty. 


Porcelain has an earthy origin. Naturally occurring clay is heated in a kiln—a thermally insulated chamber designed to heat and harden materials for a specific purpose. High temperatures from 2,200 to 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit transform the clay into an incredible material that is translucent, strong, and delicate. Throughout history, decorative porcelain has been revered for its beauty and strength, which is why it can be an ideal choice for the design of modern urns. 


As a symbol of resilience, strength, and natural beauty, wood can represent the remarkable life and legacy of your departed loved one. Wood offers a meaningful connection to Earth and nature. Each piece of wood has its own grain and natural pattern, making it unique—much like your loved one. Its timeless natural beauty, texture, and warmth can provide the bereaved with peace and comfort during a challenging time. 


Strong as steel yet biodegradable, bamboo is a beautiful, fast-growing plant that has gained popularity for use in modern urns. With high tensile strength, lightweight bamboo can bend without breaking, symbolizing the vibrant spirit of your departed loved one. An eco-friendly and sustainable material, bamboo can be harvested after planting in as little as one to five years.


Crystal provides an ancient, mystical, and elegant look to modern cremation urns. While quite radiant, they are also very fragile. Crystal symbolizes the delicate balance of life as well as the significance of our brief time on this earth. 

Modern Urn Designs Explained


The city of Venice in northeastern Italy is unique and unforgettable. It’s built on 118 small islands, which are connected by over four hundred bridges. The vibrant city is renowned for its architectural beauty and rich, atmospheric streets and waterways. The Venezia takes its inspiration from the canals of this exquisite city. The canals represent the very essence of our departed loved ones. They connect, strengthen, and give meaning to our unique relationships. The image of the Venezia is reminiscent of the ever-flowing river of spirit within us all. It can also invoke the image of an eternal flame, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the departed. 

Infinite Love

The heart is what drives our life force both physically and spiritually. The design of the Infinite Love modern urn is a fresh take on the theme of the Circle of Life—there is no beginning, and there is no end. Instead, there is eternal, neverending love. The heart is cradled in this unique design, symbolizing the indelible imprint our departed loved ones have made on our lives. Never forgotten, their memory is forever cherished. 


Squares in modern art represent minimalism and purity. The Bristol’s elegant design reflects the enduring spirit of our departed loved ones. The sleek lines offer clear direction, orientation, and grounding for our grieving hearts. Highlighted with stunning accents, the Bristol is a tribute to the gift of our lost loved one’s presence on this Earth. Having known and loved them enriches our lives in countless ways. 


Returning to Italy, a palazzo is a luxurious, palatial building. The exquisite design of the Palazzo seeks to emulate the grandeur of an eternal palace for our departed loved ones. The towering final resting place showcases intricate engravings that can invoke images of bright stars emitting light in all directions, symbolizing the luminous spirit of the departed. 

Cherished Crystal

The orb-like shape of the Cherished Crystal modern urn symbolizes unity, wholeness, and eternity. While the “cracked” appearance gives it a breathtaking beauty, it also represents the fragility of life as it spreads across the crystal in an intricate web. The cracks can also invoke thoughts of the enduring spirit coursing through the veins of eternity. The Cherished Crystal’s enchanting design can invite the beholder to ponder the very mystery of life.

The Icon

Turning the concept of the square on its head, The Icon represents the unique, stand-alone life force of your departed loved one. No one can ever replace their one-of-a-kind spirit. This modern urn appears to plant itself firmly into the foundation just as our lost loved ones have undeniably claimed a piece of our hearts. Like your departed loved one, The Icon challenges the beholder to look beyond the ordinary and see the extraordinary. 

The Living Urn Planter

The sleek, all-natural wooden design of The Living Urn Planter symbolizes honor and vitality. The formidable, modern look represents the indomitable spirit of the departed. The impressive lines offer a clear indication of the fortitude, resilience, and vitality of your loved one’s essence. The warmth and beauty of the wood allow this modern urn to complement just about any home or interior design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fill a modern indoor urn?

The modern urns contain a discreet opening at the bottom, which can be easily filled and secured with your loved one’s ashes. A kit is included to help transfer the ashes safely.

The Palazzo includes a bag with a tie that can be filled with ashes and inserted into the bottom via the sliding bottom, secured with a screw. For The Living Urn Planter, an all-natural cotton bag is included. It can be used to place your loved one's ashes in it before securing them in the lower portion of the urn.

How do you customize a modern indoor urn?

The modern urns don’t offer customization; however, The Living Urn Planter allows you to choose a succulent or small plant of your choice. For the Cherished Crystal, you may select an appropriately sized candle to add to the Merry Crystal Candle Keepsake. Of course, adding your loved one’s ashes alone makes your modern urn truly unique.

What modern urn design is best?

Choosing the best modern urn design is subjective. There is no right or wrong choice. Each modern urn can offer limitless meanings and interpretations. Whichever design speaks to you the most is the right design.

Where should I display a modern indoor urn?

Whether a bedroom, living room, study, or office space, where you decide to display your special modern urn really depends on your personal preferences. It’s important to consider placing it in a safe area to ensure the urn is not disturbed, such as a locked cabinet, mantle, or pedestal.