Cremation Urns

The Living Urn's proprietary line of indoor cremation urns for ashes have become popular options for families interested in memorializing a loved one in a unique and beauatiful way. This includes the following:

Ceramic Cremation Urns

The Living Urn Indoors / Patio is a popular option for families interested in memorializing their loved one inside the home or on a porch or patio. This unique ceramic cremation urn comes in three colors - white, beige, and blue. It is designed with a planting pot in the center where a bonsai tree, houseplant, or succulent can be planted creating a unique living memorial of a loved one.

ceramic urn 

Wood Cremation Urns

The sleek new PlantUrn™ is made from recycled hardwoods and has a center chamber to hold a loved one's ashes and a small ceramic pot on top where a succulent or other plant can grow. Developed by renowned designer C.C. Boyce, the PlantUrn™ is a true work of art, meticulously handcrafted to create special memory pieces worthy of the ones we love.

Bamboo Cremation Urns

EcoHome™ is a handcrafted rectangular shaped urn made entirely of bamboo and is a one of the latest offerings from The Living Urn. This unique urn has impressive refined detail and shows its natural grains and beauty. It includes solid wall construction and natural wood locking pins that securely attach the lid to the base. In addition, it comes with a handmade cotton pouch to hold your loved one's ashes inside of the urn.

The Living Urn also offers proprietary bamboo urns for scattering ashes and burial of ashes - due to their attractive natural appearance, these also frequently used by families in the home as decorative urns. These come in multiple sizes and shapesand can be a great addition to any home.

New & Unique Cremation Urns 

The Living Urn's team of designers are in the process of developing additional new and unique natural cremation urns for the home. This includes urns made from bamboo, recylcled wood, and other materials. Check back soon for more details...

Pricing & Detailed Descriptions of Our Indoor Urns

Below are images and links to each of our indoor cremation urns for ashes. Simply click on the image to learn more or to make a purchase.