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Most Common Questions

You aren’t currently shipping Seasonal trees, but I want to plant something now – what do I do?

Do I need to use all of the cremated remains? Or, can I just use a portion of the cremated remains?

I have cremated remains here at home that are several years old and I was thinking about using The Living Urn® with them. Can I use The Living Urn® with old cremated remains?

I want to use The Living Urn® at my home but what if I move?

Can I plant in a pot?

Do you ship to Canada?

About The Living Urn™

What is The Living Urn®?

Who developed The Living Urn®?

Is The Living Urn® Patented and Trademarked?

How does The Living Urn® Bio Urn Planting System work?

What do I get when I purchase The Living Urn®?

Why is The Living Urn® Bio Urn and Planting System the best choice?

Is the Living Urn® all natural and environmentally friendly?

Does The Living Urn® or any of its components have an expiration date?

The outer bamboo shell is beautiful - what is this used for?

What's the purpose of RootProtect™ and the special “Premium Growth Mix”?

Do I need to plant the seedling provided with my Living Urn® or can I plant something else with The Living Urn®?

I want to purchase The Living Urn® Bio Urn Planting System for myself - how does that work?

Trees & Planting

Why is it better to grow a memory tree from a seedling instead of a seed?

What's the difference between an Evergreen Tree Seedling and a Seasonal Tree Seedling?

When will I receive my tree seedling?

What is the guarantee on the tree seedlings?

Why are you not able to ship Seasonal Tree Seedlings to Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii?

If I am waiting for a Seasonal Tree Seedling, can I change my shipping address once an order has been placed?

If I buy The Living Urn® now, can I have the tree seedling shipped at a future date?

Why do I need to wait until the Fall or Spring to receive my Seasonal tree?

Once I receive my tree, how long do I have to plant it?

Can I plant a potted tree from a local nursery with The Living Urn® Bio Urn and Planting System?

Can I plant flowers or bushes instead?

I would like a tree not listed on the website, can I special order that from your nursery?

I live in an area that has an unusual climate, do you have any more resources I can look at to learn about tree choices.

How large is the tree seedling that I will receive?

Cremated Remains

How much of the cremated remains do I need to use with The Living Urn® Bio Urn and Planting System?

Can I buy The Living Urn® Bio Urn and Planting System to use now with cremated remains of a loved one that I have stored for years?

Do I need to touch the remains or mix them in The Living Urn® Bio Urn and Planting System?


When will The Living Urn® Bio Urn and Planting System arrive?

I ordered an Evergreen Tree (Pine, Spruce, or Cypress) - when will it arrive?

I ordered a Seasonal Tree - when will it arrive?

What if I want to plant at a specific time outside of the shipping window for a memorial service - what can I do?

Other Questions

Is it secure to purchase on webpage?

May I be a distributor of The Living Urn®?

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