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13 Reasons Why Families Choose a Bio Urn Tree Memorial

13 Reasons Why Families Choose a Bio Urn Tree Memorial

Today, more people are opting to be cremated than ever before. There has been a dramatic shift toward cremation primarily due to cost and the fact that people are less “traditional”. They choose not to spend their hard-earned money on a full-service funeral and burial, but instead, leave it for their spouse, children, grandchildren, or donate it to a favorite charity. Another driver of the dramatic shift to cremation are the many new memorable memorial options available. This includes having the ashes being blown into glass, included in a piece of cremation jewelry, or a tree burial with a Living Urn cremation tree kit that comes with a bio urn, special additives and a tree of choice.

Below we’ve highlighted 13 reasons why families choose to bury their loved one’s ashes in a bio urn and grow a tree memorial.

Reasons Why People Choose a Bio Urn

cremation tree kit

  • Give Back – many people love trees and all of the benefits that trees provide. By planting a tree with ashes, the living tree memorial can provide oxygen, clean the air, become a habitat and food source for wildlife, and provide shade from the hot summer sun, among other benefits. In addition, as more and more of the rainforest is taken from Mother Earth for human consumption, more trees are needed for future generations and what a better way to contribute than a tree memorial!
  • Provide Beauty After Death – trees are beautiful, and most would argue much more so than a headstone. People love the fact that their tree memorial can display beautiful colors and flowers for all to see. Depending on the type of tree selected, brilliant colors of red, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, etc. can be on full display!
  • Affordability – choosing to be cremated then planted with a bio urn memorial is typically a much more affordable option than a full service burial. Burials can range from $5,000 to $20,000 or more and The Living Urn starts at only $129! The money saved can be used for many things – giving your survivors a free trip on you, placing it in a college fund for children or grandchildren, donating to a favorite charity, etc.
  • Memories – Many people can remember back to childhood and that one tree in your yard, a friend’s yard, or a special tree at a nearby park. By thinking back to that tree, it sparks certain feelings, moods, and emotions. Having a special tree memorial for yourself will be something that can create many memories for others and become a beautiful place people can visit for many years to come.
  • Don’t Want to be ‘Buried in a Box’ – For a growing number of people, the thought of being buried underground in a box (casket) with another box around it (vault) and a headstone above it seems undesirable and not a way they want their memorial. Many of these people are now choosing cremation and a new unique memorial, including letting their ashes be free and part of a tree memorial.
  • Uplifting – Many people believe that trees are uplifting and provide a great living memorial to remember them by. Family and friends can view their sheer beauty and also sit under its shade and read a book, hold a party, have a drink, or simply reflect.
  • Personalities – Similar to humans, trees also have personalities. With the thousands and thousands of tree species that exist worldwide, it’s not too hard to find one that portrays your personality. For example, an oak symbolizes wisdom, strength and stability, a maple represents intelligence, resilience, and vibrance, a dogwood is beauty, protection and safety, a ginkgo is love, hope and longevity, a flowering cherry symbolizes brilliance, strength and rebirth, a willow represents life, learning and harmony, etc.
  • Grow and Thrive After Death – As living organisms, a tree memorial can grow and thrive – providing brilliant branching and colors for all to see!
  • Playground – Kids love trees, and what a better way to give back than to have your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. swing from your branches, build a tree house, or just spend time playing underneath its shade.
  • Life Continues – Some people love the idea of ‘living forever’ and a living tree lets their memory live on after death. A tree can grow and thrive and serve as a memorial that can continue living for hundreds of years after a person’s passing.
  • Family Tree – Some families, where a majority or all of the members have chosen to be cremated, elect to have a single family tree where all of their ashes are buried in separate bio urns around the tree. This can be a large oak or another tree of choice that can serve as a family’s special tree for many, many years to come! It is a memorial where family can be buried together and living family and friends can visit all who’ve passed in one special place. It is the new modern day way to create a family memorial and the growing and thriving tree that is placed in the center of the memorial only makes it that much more special and beautiful!
  • History – Trees are part of our history. They’ve withstood the test of time and have witnessed many historical events in America and throughout the world (witness trees have experienced the American Revolution, Civil War, etc.). If you’re a history buff, you can now be a tree after you pass – what will you witness?
  • One of Multiple Memorials – An option that is growing in popularity is for a family to divide up the ashes of a loved one into multiple memorials. This can include planting a portion of a loved one’s ashes in a tree memorial with The Living Urn bio urn and planting system, scattering some of the ashes at that special place, keeping some in an urn indoors, scattering a portion in a water burial, etc. Some families also elect to have multiple tree memorials of a loved one.

There are many choices in life, and now with cremation on the rise, there are a growing number of memorial choices in death. People are looking for uplifting memorials, and planting your ashes in a bio urn with a tree is a great option that continues to grow in popularity!

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