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Biolife, LLC Introduces The Living Urn for People

Biolife, LLC, the developer of the patent pending Living Urn™ for Pets, a biodegradable urn and planting system, is pleased to announce that after a significant development undertaking it has launched The Living Urn for People.  Mike Walas, a partner at Biolife, LLC, explains, "we are extremely excited about launching The Living Urn for People as it significantly expands our market reach and caters to a large market that's underserved when it comes to biodegradable or "green" options. We have experienced a growing amount of inquiries for a human version of the Living Urn and are excited we're now able to offer such a great product to this market."

The company worked for years with leading U.S. arborists and soil scientists to develop and perfect a system that makes it easy to successfully grow a tree from cremated remains by incorporating a seedling, plant or flowers as opposed to a seed which can pose a number of significant challenges to a novice tree grower.  Walas continues, “we spent a long time in development to come out with a system that avoids the limitations of other products on the market and actually makes it easy to successfully grow a healthy tree from cremated remains – we feel very strongly about this, especially because it involves the remains of a beloved member of the family”. This unique product was invented by Biolife, LLC based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and only uses all natural, biodegradable components. As an all-in-one system, it comes with everything that’s needed to grow a healthy memory tree, plant or flowers from cremated remains.


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