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5 Benefits of Gifting Memorial Jewelry

5 Benefits of Gifting Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry is a loving way to honor someone who passed, keep their memory alive, and comfort those grieving. It also may make a thoughtful gift during a terrible time of grief and sorrow (there’s no time limit, however, on when to give memorial jewelry).

It's always a good idea to check with the recipients first if you want to give memorial jewelry as a gift. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule but something to consider. If you’re going to give a piece of memorial jewelry to someone in crisis or deep grief, asking might not be possible. Think about what you know about them and use your best judgment. Many people find memorial jewelry quite comforting, so a surprise gift might be just what they need. 

Act of Service

Cremation Jewelry

People who are deep in grief, especially during the immediate time after a loss, might have a hard time doing things, even things they want to do. This may include ordering memorial jewelry or other keepsakes. If you are close to someone who passed, it might be a wonderful gift to provide (in addition to other help that is needed). It’s entirely possible that someone grieving wants, or would be supported by, a piece of memorial jewelry but they can’t bring themselves to go through the ordering process.

Memorial jewelry can be more complicated than simply placing an online order. Engravings may need to be thought about, fingerprints collected, and ashes handled. Taking care of the logistics of creating even one piece of memorial jewelry can help someone grieving - you'll be doing something that can actively comfort that person once they have the jewelry. 

If you want to make memorial jewelry for the family and friends of your passed loved one, it is a very thoughtful gift. It tells whomever you give it to that you see how much it meant to the person who passed. Comfort is rare in times of grief, and the gift of memorial jewelry offers just that. 

Keeps Memories Alive

fingerprint jewelry

Memorial jewelry helps you remember your passed beloved. Wearing something dedicated to your loved one, which may even have a part of them, can remind you of them and your experiences with them. Memorial jewelry comes in many styles (including fingerprint jewelry, pendants that hold ashes, etc.), so you can likely find a piece that reminds you of your loved one in some way - another way to help keep memories alive. 

A special jewelry piece may also present opportunities to share with others about your loved one. Memorial jewelry tends to be beautiful and unique, so if talking about your loved one helps you, know that a piece of jewelry can be a great conversation starter.

Feel Closer to the One Who Passed

family cremation jewelry

Memorial jewelry can help you feel closer to your passed loved one, especially if it’s cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry uses a physical part of your loved one, such as cremation ashes or hair. Cremation ashes can be put into small, wearable jewelry pieces, made into diamonds, or added to glass. You may find it comforting and grounding to have a tangible part of your beloved at hand and often close to your heart. 

Honors Your Loved One’s Memory

jewelry with ashes

Memorial jewelry is a visible testament to how much you loved and respected the person who’s passed. Wearing memorial jewelry is a way to say that your departed loved one is on your mind. While final resting places can be visited, a piece of memorial jewelry can be worn constantly. 

Connects Loved Ones


The loss of someone special connects those closest to them in grief. If everyone in that group touched by loss has the same (or similar) piece of memorial jewelry, it’s a visible way of saying, “We share in this grief together.” Memorial jewelry can mark a group as connected in the passing of someone very dear and an acknowledgment of the profound impact the person had on them. Memorial jewelry also makes a wonderful group gift. It is a visual marker of your deep loss and grief. You may want to gift everyone the same or similar style of memorial jewelry, or people could pick out individual pieces. 

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