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8 Unique Pet Cremation Jewelry Ideas

Pet cremation jewelry can provide comfort in a time of loss. Losing a pet can be especially painful. Our love for our four-legged friends changes our souls, and their loss can be devastating. If you’ve recently lost a beloved pet, you may be looking for ways to help yourself grieve while remembering and honoring your departed pet. Pet cremation jewelry can help you feel more connected to your pet while representing how much they mean to you. This guide will help you explore the world of pet cremation jewelry to find the perfect piece. 

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Cremation Urn Necklace

The urn necklace is one of the most popular kinds of pet cremation jewelry. These versatile pieces hold a small portion of cremation ashes and are worn close to the heart. Many people report these necklaces as extremely comforting, especially during those first few intense months of grief. These necklaces come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Sterling silver and stainless steel are common choices for their beauty, durability, and price point. However, you can find cremation urn necklaces in gold and platinum. Some cremation jewelry will also incorporate gemstones, often the birthstone, if you know your pet’s birthdate. Cremation urn necklaces come with a fill kit that is easy to use. 

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is commonly used as cremation or memorial jewelry. And while this memorial depends on you knowing your pet’s birthdate, choosing to wear the birthstone of your departed pet is a visible way to remember them and honor their memory. And it is a very discreet type of cremation jewelry; no one will know why you’re wearing it unless you tell them. People will simply think you’re wearing colorful, beautiful jewelry. A necklace is a popular way to wear cremation birthstone jewelry since it rests close to the heart. 

Cremation Glass Jewelry

Cremation glass jewelry is a stunning way to honor your pet’s memory. After sending the glassmakers a small portion of your pet’s ashes, they infuse the ash into a beautiful piece of glass for a pendant, earring, ring, or bracelet. Since glass blowing uses a far higher temperature than cremation, extreme temperatures purify the dull, brown cremation ash into a brilliant white powder visible throughout the glass. Cremation glass is also used to make keepsakes, like orbs or touchstones. 

Cremation Jewelry

A wide range of cremation jewelry incorporates ashes into epoxies or resins and turns the material into jewelry. It’s commonly seen embedded into men’s rings made of wood or metal or turned into opalescent-type pendants or rings. These pieces are stunning but require great care since their materials are less durable than glass or metal. 

Cremation Gemstone Jewelry

Turn your pet’s ashes into a beautiful gemstone that will make a wonderful piece of jewelry. You could even choose the color of your pet’s birthstone to make your cremation gemstone even more unique. While this is a more costly option than most cremation jewelry, it is also truly beautiful, unique, and far more affordable than you might think. You will likely have enough ash left over to scatter some or plant them with a Living Urn for a beautiful memorial tree. 

Photo Jewelry

There’s nothing more unique than a photo of your beloved pet. Lockets are common types of jewelry used to hold a pet’s photo. Other kinds of photo jewelry print the photo onto the jewelry. Photo jewelry can be especially comforting when you’ve just lost your precious pet. You’ll likely be going through photos anyways, and it can be a soothing activity to pick your favorite one for your photo jewelry. And, if you’re ever asked about your jewelry, you have the opportunity to share a cute photo of your pet. 

Engraved Jewelry

Another way to create meaningful cremation jewelry for your pet is engravable jewelry. While you can engrave other cremation jewelry, like urn necklaces or lockets, you can also use engraving to personalize pet cremation jewelry. What to engrave? Your pet’s name, birth and death dates, their resting place coordinates, a sentimental saying, or an image. Engravable pet cremation jewelry comes in many types and styles. Choose from necklaces, bracelets, and rings in styles for men, women, and everyone in between, like this stainless steel dog tag necklace

Pet Themed Jewelry

If you don’t want to handle ashes, you can choose pet-themed jewelry for your pet cremation jewelry. Paw prints are a common motif, as are the shapes of cats and dogs. This jewelry is also often engraved with your pet’s details. Pet-themed jewelry might be more distinguishable as memorial jewelry, but it will likely be assumed that you simply love your pet a great deal. What’s lovely about pet-themed jewelry is the wide variety of styles available. You’re sure to find a piece of pet cremation jewelry you love.

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