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A Beautiful, Enduring and Uplifting Memorial

A Beautiful, Enduring and Uplifting Memorial

Historically, a burial and a marker or headstone has been the memorial option of choice. This has been the norm for centuries in America with cemeteries consuming thousands of square miles of space. Now, with cremations surging and recently surpassing burials as the option of choice for people who’ve passed, a new memorial option called The Living Urn is quickly growing in popularity.

The Living Urn is a patent pending biodegradable urn and planting system that gives families the ability to grow a living memorial tree, plant, or flowers, from a proprietary BioUrn® containing their loved one’s ashes.  The Living Urn, based in Denver, is the only bio urn designed to work with tree seedlings, or baby trees, and not seeds, as it can be a challenge to grow a tree from a seed. The company works with the Arbor Day Foundation to provide over 50 tree options, narrowed down to the trees that grow best in each area.Thousands of people have used this unique planting system to-date and it is now available at over 400 funeral homes.

Mark Brewer, the company’s President, commented on the market reception and growing demand for The Living Urn, “We spent over a year and a half developing a system that works and gives families the ability to grow a beautiful tree memorial. Our BioUrn and planting system is highly unique as it comes with a baby tree of choice and also the soil additives needed to create an environment that includes a loved one’s remains where a tree will grow and thrive.”

“We’re in over four hundred funeral homes and growing and have thousands of families who now have a beautiful tree memorial growing in memory of a loved one because of The Living Urn.  Our dedicated customer service team based in Denver has been instrumental in helping families with picking out that perfect tree for their area, and with answering any questions related to how our system works, the planting of the BioUrn with the tree seedling, and tree care before and after the planting. We continue to invest heavily in customer service as our primary goal is that every family who chooses The Living Urn has a successful outcome and is able to grow a beautiful and enduring memorial.”

Brewer continues, “We continue to sign up new funeral homes daily and are extremely excited about the future of The Living Urn. We’re working with families and funeral service providers to plant trees instead of tombstones, forests instead of cemeteries.”

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