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A Guide To Choosing Cremation Jewelry For Women

Losing someone important to you is something that’s never easy to process, but cremation jewelry may help you reconnect with your loved one in a unique and special way. With cremation jewelry, you can always have a piece of your loved one with you. With that reminder close to your heart, the grieving process may be the slightest bit easier.

Types Of Memorial Jewelry for Women

birthstone pendant

There are three types of styles when it comes to memorial jewelry for women.

  • Cremation Jewelry: option number one would be jewelry that holds a small portion of your loved one’s ashes. Small chain necklaces that hold a pendant are quite popular. In that pendant is a hollow space where the ashes will go. With the necklace, three styles of pendants are available, one of them being a tree on a circular pendant. The second is a circular pendant with the middle cut out where you can place charms in the middle if you wish. The last style is a vial pendant to put the ashes in. 
  • Fingerprint Jewelry: a second option for jewelry is to have a personalized fingerprint on a pendant. With these pendants, you can have a heart-shaped pendant, an oval-shaped pendant, a cross pendant, and a teardrop-shaped pendant, all with a personalized fingerprint on the front of the pendant. 
  • Personalized Memorial Jewelry: a third style of jewelry that is available is personalized memorial jewelry. There are different styles of this jewelry to pick from, one of them being a birthstone pendant. Depending on your choice, you can pick a stone with the color of your loved one’s birth month or even a color that reminds you of them. The stones you can choose are garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, crystal quartz, emerald, alexandrite, ruby, peridot, sapphire, pink tourmaline, citrine, and blue topaz. Another style is a dog tag with coordinates to any location of your choosing engraved on the tag.

Every type of jewelry has a wide variety of styles, so go check out our website to check them all out! Now that we know all of the different types of styles that each kind of jewelry has to offer, how do we know just what to choose from among all of these choices?

Choosing The Best Cremation Jewelry For Women 

cremation jewelry for women

When it comes to choosing how to store your loved one’s ashes, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are a few tips for choosing cremation jewelry for women:

  •  It is important to know what kind of jewelry will perfectly suit your expression of love for those who have passed. When choosing the right cremation jewelry, consider what you want your jewelry to represent, how you might connect to the jewelry, what style of jewelry suits you best, and how the jewelry expresses the personality of your loved one.
  • When choosing cremation jewelry, consider how the jewelry represents the one who passed or if it represents a personal belief or religion of your own. Did your loved one share a love for nature? Perhaps a tree pendant would be best suited. Or maybe they absolutely loved a certain color? A birthstone pendant may be what you are looking for. 
  • Another important factor in choosing cremation jewelry is how well the jewelry will connect with you. One option to personalize the jewelry to you is to write a few words of your own or a phrase that your loved one used to say often to be engraved on the piece of jewelry.
  • Another factor to keep in mind when choosing cremation jewelry is how the style relates to your own personal fashion. Something to keep in mind when shopping for different cremation jewelry options is the pendant of the jewelry. Will the pendant of your purchase match the rest of the jewelry you wear? Do you want it not to match to make the cremation jewelry stand out more? It all comes down to what your personal style is!
  • Finally, it is, of course, important to consider how the cremation jewelry you choose fits the style of your loved one. Is it something that they would have worn? Does it compliment their personality? Does it express them as a person? Will the jewelry have any factors that remind you of them? These are all important questions that may help you choose the right piece of cremation jewelry.

Where To Buy Cremation Jewelry For Women 

jewelry with ashes for women

You can buy cremation jewelry online at The Living Urn. The prices for the cremation jewelry can range between $50 to $250 (not including shipping or tax). Cremation jewelry can be a very meaningful, thoughtful gesture. With so many different styles, pendants, and affordability to consider, you can find the perfect match for you to keep your loved one close to you wherever you go.
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