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A Guide to Engravable Cremation Jewelry

A Guide to Engravable Cremation Jewelry

Losing a loved one is a tragic experience. Grief has many forms, and each of us takes a unique journey through the pain of loss. There are many ways to help yourself grieve, like spending time in nature, playing with adorable pups and kittens, hugging friends and family, and simply talking it out…with a therapist, friend, or a journal. Many people find engravable cremation jewelry helpful during the grieving process. Engravable cremation jewelry is a unique memorial to your lost loved one; not only can it help you remember them, but it’s also a tangible way to honor their memory and show how deeply you love them. 

Types and Examples of Engravable Cremation Jewelry

engravable jewelry


    Pendants are the most popular type of engravable cremation jewelry. Pendants come in different styles and types, so everyone has a choice. One reason why people choose engravable cremation pendants is that the pendant lies close to the heart. This engravable stainless steel cremation pendant is perfect for men, women, and everyone in between. It’s easy to fill and has room to engrave the coordinates of your loved one’s final resting place.


      Rings are a classic piece of jewelry to have engraved. Like pendants, rings come in styles for everyone, making them an excellent choice for engravable cremation jewelry. Rings are also easy to wear and not take off and often come in simple designs to match most ensembles. 


        Bracelets are another excellent choice for engravable cremation jewelry. Like rings, this is a piece of jewelry you can often see while wearing so that you’ll have regular reminders of your beloved. And bracelets come in various styles, so there’s a choice suitable for everyone. 


          Cufflinks are classic pieces of masculine jewelry that can be easily engraved. Cufflinks can be worn daily or reserved for special occasions. Cufflinks, like rings and bracelets, are jewelry that can be seen easily, so your loved one is never far from your thoughts. 


            One of the lovely things about an engraved watch is that the engraving rests directly on your skin. Whatever message you choose will be in direct contact with you, and you will always know it’s there. 

            Cremation Jewelry Engraving Process

            Once you’ve selected your piece of engravable cremation jewelry, it’s very easy to customize your engraving. If you’re purchasing your jewelry online, there will be a place to write what you want to be engraved. There is likely a character limit to what you can have engraved on your jewelry; most jewelry is relatively small. In addition, there are also many fingerprint jewelry pieces that not only offer a fingerprint on front, but also give you the option to engrave a name, dates, initials, etc. on the back of the piece.

            Most jewelers offer engraving services if you’re engraving a regular piece of jewelry or a watch. This is a beautiful way to turn a piece of jewelry that belonged to your departed loved one into a memorial piece of jewelry. Jewelers use rotary tools to etch your message onto your engravable cremation jewelry carefully. 

            Popular Engravings on Cremation Jewelry

            When deciding what to have engraved, think short and sweet since jewelry doesn’t offer a large surface for engraving. However, there are plenty of ways to convey your love and devotion with just a few words. Here are some ideas to get you started.

            1. “In Loving Memory” is a classic, true sentiment for a lost loved one. If you’re having a hard time choosing a sentiment, using this tried and true saying can be an easy choice.

            2. “Forever In My Heart” is another version of the above classic sentiment and accurately represents how you’re feeling.

            3. “The Melody Lingers On” is from the Irving Berlin tune and is part of the line, “The song is ended, but the melody lingers on.”. This beautiful sentiment shows that the impact a loved one has on us will always be felt, no matter how long it’s been since they passed.

            4. “Love you forever” is a beloved children’s book quote and is appropriate for any loving relationship. No matter how much time passes after losing your loved one, you will always love them.

            5. “Love is immortality” is a quote from Emily Dickinson and is part of the line, “Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.”. Your love for the one you lost lives on forever in your heart.

            6. “Until we meet again” brings hope for those who trust in an afterlife or reincarnation.

            7. “All we are is dust in the wind” is a very appropriate phrase if your engravable cremation jewelry holds some of your loved one’s ashes. It calls to mind the nature of life that we all return to dust in the end.

            8. “While I breathe, I hope.” Choosing this phrase is a way of assuring your loved one who passed that you will carry on, despite the weight of grief at their passing.

            9. “I am with you always.” This can have special meaning for those who are Christians. Or, it can simply mean that memories of our loved ones will never fade.
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