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Alternative Uses of Cremation Jewelry

Did you know that cremation jewelry can be for more than wearing? As common as it is to wear cremation jewelry, it’s just as common to do something different. Many people choose an alternative use for their cremation jewelry because it’s more likely to stay safe; for some wearing cremation jewelry can lead to a higher likelihood of losing it. Additionally, these different uses are often something that makes the jewelry enjoyable for more members of the family. Here are several alternative uses of cremation jewelry. 

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Glass Dome Display

A popular way to display a precious item is under a glass dome. These domes are attractive and add elegance to any room. A glass dome has the added benefit of protecting your cremation jewelry from tarnish or breakage. 

Display Urns

Many people display their loved one’s ashes in a display urn somewhere in their home. These urns are typically quite attractive and a loving way to keep a departed loved one close to the family’s hustle and bustle. Cremation jewelry can be draped on or around the urn and become part of the display. 

China Cabinet

If you have a display case, like a China cabinet, in your home, you could display your loved one’s piece of cremation jewelry in this case. The case will protect the jewelry from dust and breakage. And it’s designed to showcase precious items, so your cremation jewelry will look wonderful. Plus, more people can enjoy the memories this piece of jewelry will bring when it’s on display.

Photograph Display

Another way to display your cremation jewelry in your home is on a framed photograph of your departed loved one. It makes a loving, elegant addition to the photograph and gives it more depth. Depending on the cremation necklace, you may be able to drape the pendant over the top of the photograph with the chain behind the frame. If the necklace doesn’t stay, secure the chain with tape, so the pendant drapes the way you want. 

Photograph Wreath

Wreaths can be year-round home décor. A photograph wreath incorporates photos and can easily be adapted into a memorial photograph wreath. Find a wreath you like and print out six or seven memorable photos of your loved one—maybe more or less, depending on your wreath’s size. Use hot glue or clips to attach the photos to your wreath; there are many articles and videos about making a photograph wreath online. Suspend your cremation pendant from the top of the wreath, or use it in a bow. 

Use a Shadow Box

A shadow box looks very similar to a picture frame, except that it is a box and has space to display bulkier items like a piece of cremation jewelry. This relatively easy project will turn a piece of cremation jewelry into a beautiful display item. Hang it in a well-traveled area or close to a display urn. If you don’t feel like being crafty, craft stores commonly offer shadow box making services. 

Special Objects

One option is to display your loved one’s cremation jewelry with special items they owned, like a journal or favorite coffee mug. Some people create a special area for treasured items their loved one left behind. Whether it’s one item or multiple items, their cremation jewelry makes a lovely addition to their display.

Stuffed Animals

Placing a piece of cremation jewelry on a stuffed animal or plush toy is an easy alternative use for cremation jewelry. A stuffed animal is appropriate for a young child who has just lost someone, such as a grandparent. Even adults might find comfort in a stuffed animal; we’re all young at heart. 

Car Rear View Mirror

While this option doesn’t offer the same level of protection as a display dome or case, it is a bit safer than wearing it. (And, a special note - if you want to wear your cremation jewelry, please do. If you’re worried about losing it, making two pieces, one for wear and one for display is an option.) This option is an excellent way to keep your cremation jewelry at hand safely. 

Photo Album

Whether it’s the classic family photo album or a special one you create for your loved one, adding a piece of cremation jewelry is a lovely way to memorialize your loved one. Storing the necklace in the album is a wonderful way to keep it safe while also having it close at hand. It will give you something comforting to touch while looking at photos of your loved one. 

Similarly, you could incorporate the cremation necklace into a scrapbook of your departed loved one. 


Art can be very meaningful and bring you comfort during your loss. You could incorporate your cremation jewelry into daily life by displaying it with a piece of artwork. Flat pieces of cremation jewelry can be displayed with a beautiful piece of artwork, and the glass in the frame will keep it safe and secure. You can choose any piece of art that feels meaningful to you. A piece of art your loved one owned is also a special option.

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