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Black Walnut Tree - Stunning Wood & Delicious Nuts!

Black Walnut Tree - Stunning Wood & Delicious Nuts!

The Black Walnut is one of the most treasured trees in American history!  Americans love it for its stunning wood and delicious nuts. The valuable dark brown wood is strong with a handsome grain that polishes easily and gleams forever. And the rich, flavorful nuts are enjoyed fresh and retain their flavor and texture during cooking. Did you know that Black walnuts have nearly twice the protein of English walnuts? The leaves of this fantastic tree also provide a pleasant fragrance to its environment.


The prized nuts are eaten by woodpeckers, foxes, and squirrels.

Quirky Facts:

Native Americans and early settlers used it for food, dyes, ink, medicine, fence posts, gun stocks, and furniture. Today black walnut wood is highly prized for paneling and furniture and the nuts for food.

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