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Choosing Military Cremation Jewelry to Honor a Veteran

While the image of an American flag-draped casket funeral may be seared into the collective minds of our nation, cremation services have become increasingly popular for veterans. A military funeral for a veteran who chooses cremation is just as honorable, dignified, and solemn as a casket funeral. With cremation, veterans can have their ashes inurned in a national or private cemetery with much of the same privileges as a casket interment. The dedication and selfless service a departed veteran has given to our great nation can be forever memorialized by wearing cremation jewelry in their honor. Veteran cremation jewelry is a thoughtful and meaningful way to show appreciation, respect, and love for the veteran who has sacrificed so much in service to their country.

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Examples of Memorial Jewelry for Remembering a Veteran

Deciding which kind of memorial jewelry will best honor your veteran comes down to your relationship with them and what feels most comfortable for your fashion style and grief process. Ultimately, there is no wrong choice. If the remembrance piece you pick speaks to you, it will be right. Here are five wonderful options to help you pay your respects to a veteran:

Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant offers a clear, direct statement that the person you are honoring is a military member. In military service, dog tags contain vital information about the wearer, identifying them if they are wounded or killed in action. Veterans revere dog tags and often pass them down in their families as an heirloom. Symbolizing courageous service and dedication, the Dog Tag Coordinate Pendant can be engraved with longitude and latitude coordinates. These coordinates can include a meaningful location, such as your veteran’s final resting place, their favorite spot, or the site of a significant moment. If you wish, their name, dates, or sentiment can also be engraved to personalize your special memorial piece further.

Dog Tag Memorial Pendant

Much like the Coordinate Pendant, the Dog Tag Memorial Pendant is constructed in durable stainless steel. It gives the wearer a special connection to the time-honored legacy of the military through dog tags. The Memorial Pendant can be customized by engraving the fingerprint of your beloved veteran. This personal and tangible reminder allows you to display the indelible impact your veteran has had on your life. The departed’s name and date, along with a short sentiment, can also be engraved if you wish.

Cross Fingerprint Pendant

It's common for many military members to practice and hold Christian values. The Cross Fingerprint Pendant is a beautiful way to honor your veteran’s military service and the bond of their religious faith. Their faith may or may not be a value you share, but you may choose to wear it in their honor. Like the Dog Tag Memorial Pendant, your beloved veteran’s fingerprint can be engraved pointedly onto the 925 sterling silver cross. This touching memorial can serve as a beautiful reminder of your departed veteran.

Jeweled Bar Pendant

Handcrafted with care by skilled artisan jewelers, the Jeweled Bar Pendant is a breathtaking and elegant memorial display. This eye-catching stainless steel bar can hold a small portion of ashes discretely. For veterans tough and hardened as the steel used to construct the pendant, this remembrance piece has much to say about your loved one. The bold statement of the Bar Pendant heralds the ever-impactful, extraordinary, and vibrant life of your cherished veteran. It serves as an insightful and symbolic representation of a veteran who did their talking more through action than words.

Custom Cremation Pendant Vial

With several ways to personalize this poignant memorial piece, the Custom Cremation Pendant Vial offers the wearer a deep and meaningful opportunity to honor their veteran. The vial can house a small amount of an element of your choosing. These elements could be soil from the burial site, soil or water from the scattering site, or even dirt from the hallowed ground your veteran bravely fought on. The Pendant Vial can also be enhanced by engraving your veteran's name, dates of birth and death, and either a short sentiment or their resting place coordinates.

How Wearing Military Memorial Jewelry Can Help

Wearing military memorial jewelry can play a big role in offering support during the grieving process. How remembrance jewelry scaffolds the bereaved is as varied and unique as each wearer.

Here are five common ways your one-of-a-kind cremation piece may soothe and uplift you:

  • Solace - something tangible to wear can connect you to your departed veteran wherever you go. Knowing you aren’t alone in your grief can provide strength, comfort, and peace.
  • Cherished Memories - memorial jewelry can keep the memory of your departed loved one at the forefront of your mind whenever you wear it. As you go about your daily life, moments may spring up that spark a cherished memory with your beloved veteran. With your keepsake close to your heart, a celebrated memory may bring peace and joy to you, proving once again that your loved one’s life continues to have meaning.
  • A Tie That Binds - remembrance jewelry serves as a loving reminder that the bond you share with your departed loved one is always intact. As you move forward in your new life, their presence is still regularly felt, guiding you every step of the way.
  • Military Kinship - military memorial jewelry has a way of connecting those grieving the loss of a veteran. You may find yourself reflected in someone memorializing a veteran through their memorial jewelry. This discovery can create a special bond as you find common ground in the shared sacrifice of a life in the military. Finding and expanding your emotional support network during grieving can be a soothing balm.
  • Inspire and Educate - for those interested in your unique remembrance jewelry, it may offer you an opportunity to share the extraordinary life of your veteran. Sharing the legacy of their military service can educate and inspire a deep appreciation for the selfless sacrifice your veteran has made for the freedom and democracy we enjoy in our country.

The Living Urn is proud to support our veterans' family and friends in ensuring their sacrifices' legacy live on in eternal remembrance with high-quality military cremation jewelry.

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