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Christmas Tree Urn – Our Latest Tree Cremation Urn

Christmas Tree Urn – Our Latest Tree Cremation Urn

It’s only Spring, but who doesn’t love Christmas? From decorations to holiday music, great food and family gatherings, Christmas is a special time of the year for family and friends to be together, appreciate our loved ones, and enjoy one another’s company. It is also a special time of the year to remember those family members and friends who have passed and mean so much to us. 

Every year millions of Christmas trees are sold to families all over the U.S. - it’s a Christmas tradition that’s ingrained in American culture. Now, families have the option to grow an enduring Christmas tree with a special Christmas Tree Urn containing the ashes of a loved one. With the Christmas Tree Urn, families can grow a beautiful living memorial that can serve as a special and meaningful living Christmas tree each year to keep their loved one’s memory present.

Mark Brewer, co-founder of The Living Urn commented, “This wonderful idea actually came from our customers. We have had so many families reach out to us about doing this and many have planted a tree with their Living Urn that serves as a Christmas tree that they can decorate as it continues to grow each year. We were so touched by this that we wanted to share this idea with others and create a version that makes it easy for families to do this.

We have a wide range of beautiful evergreens for families including Colorado Blue Spruce, Leyland Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Arizona Cypress, Douglas Fir, Murray Cypress and more. The Living Urn allows families to honor a loved one and give back to nature. Christmas is a time for family and for giving – we thought this was a perfect fit.”

The Christmas Tree Urn comes with everything needed to grow a tree memorial, including The Living Urn’s patent pending biodegradable urn, RootProtect, a proprietary soil additive, aged wood chips, detailed easy-to-follow planting instructions, a 1-3’ young evergreen tree, and comes packaged in an eco-friendly bamboo container.

The Living Urn’s new Christmas Tree Urn is available for a limited time at $149, $10 off its regular price of $159. It is currently being offered in planting zones 3 through 7, which covers all of the Northern and Central U.S. and as far south as the Carolinas in the East, and Colorado in the West. Additional evergreen varieties will be offered later this year that will allow for the Christmas Tree Urn to be available in all areas throughout the U.S.

If you like the idea but don’t need it yet, The Living Urn is also taking pre-orders where you can have The Living Urn’s Christmas Tree Urn shipped now and the young evergreen sent at a future date of your or your family’s choosing.

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