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Cost of Cremation Jewelry

Cost of Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is jewelry that holds a part of or represents a beloved person who has passed on. There are many kinds of cremation jewelry, and wearing cremation jewelry is a popular way to honor a special person who has departed. Many people find it comforting to be in constant contact with a piece of their departed beloved. Whether you’re looking for an urn pendant or a unique piece of fingerprint jewelry, you may be wondering how much does cremation jewelry cost? Please keep reading as we discuss the average cost of cremation jewelry and how to budget for your perfect piece of cremation jewelry.

Average Cost of Cremation Jewelry

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How much does cremation jewelry cost? The average cost for a piece of quality cremation jewelry will be around $70-$200. The cost of memorial jewelry ranges widely; you can find pieces made from cheaper materials, from about $25 to gold pieces closer to $1000 or more. If you want to turn your loved one’s ashes into a gemstone, the most expensive cremation jewelry, prices start at $1,000 and run up to $15,000 for a large, colorless diamond. 

However, you can easily find a quality piece of cremation jewelry from $70-$200. For example, this unisex stainless steel cremation pendant is $50. You can engrave it with the coordinates of your loved one’s resting place or a sentimental saying along with their name and dates of birth and death. It holds a small glass vial that you can fill with cremation ashes.

You can even find precious metals, like sterling silver, in this price range. This sterling silver Tree of Life cremation pendant is priced at $95. It holds a small amount of cremation ash and comes with a filling kit. 

Another kind of beautiful cremation jewelry is the fingerprint pendant. Each piece is a unique reflection of your departed beloved. Choose fingerprint jewelry made with the lost wax casting method; the images made with wax molds are finer and look more organic than laser etched fingerprint jewelry. These sterling silver fingerprint pendants range from $150 for the dog tag style to $230 for traditional pendants. 

How to Budget for Cremation Jewelry


Everyone will be able to save different amounts and have different budgets, depending on the cost of the memorial jewelry. The time it takes to budget for your piece of cremation jewelry doesn’t matter. Saving for a piece of cremation jewelry can be a healing practice and gives you a way to feel connected with your departed loved one, which is the whole point of cremation jewelry. Here are some ideas for how to save for your piece of cremation jewelry. 

  1. Use the money you would have spent on or with the deceased and put it towards your cremation jewelry. This method allows you to keep spending money on your departed beloved. Maybe you shared meals, drinks, or coffee regularly; simply transfer those funds towards your cremation jewelry.
  2. Eat more vegetables, grains, and beans a few meals a week. Most Americans eat animal products like cheese, meat, or eggs with most meals. Eliminating animal products a few meals a week is a smart way to save money for your cremation jewelry. Not only is it good for your health and the planet, but the element of sacrifice also makes your piece of cremation jewelry more meaningful. 
  3. Cook more meals at home if you eat out regularly. Not only can cooking be healthier, but it can be a relaxing, meditative process. Choose tasty, easy meals and know you’re saving for something worthwhile. 
  4. If you live close enough to work or the grocery store, substitute a few car trips with bike rides. Considering the price of gas these days, that will allow you to save a good amount of money in a short time. 
  5. Wash your car by hand and skip the carwash. If you typically use a full-service car wash, that will save you around $50. 
  6. Shop at the less expensive grocery store and try thrift stores like Habitat for Humanity for household goods.
  7. Consider if you need your next large purchase or try to find it on eBay or Facebook marketplace. If you decide you can live without, that money could go towards your cremation jewelry. Or, if you find what you need used, then the money that would have been spent on a new purchase can go towards your piece of cremation jewelry. 
  8. Pack your lunch for work. After a few weeks, that savings could fund a beautiful piece of cremation jewelry.
  9. Make your coffee or tea at home. Even if you need to invest in a good, insulated mug, that will save you money in the long run.
  10. Host a social get-together instead of going to a restaurant or bar. It’s much less expensive to purchase a bottle of liquor than it is to pay at a bar. If the gathering is for a meal, make it a potluck where everyone brings part of the meal.
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