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Cremation Bracelets: A Comprehensive Guide

Cremation Bracelets: A Comprehensive Guide

Cremation jewelry and bracelets that hold ashes have become much more popular over the past few years and makes for a wonderful way to remember and honor a loved one.  Many people ask, what is a cremation bracelet and where do I get one?

Cremation Bracelets: What are they?

Cremation bracelets have the appearance of normal bracelets you can get at any jewelry store or jewelry section at a department store, however, the difference is that they have a compartment to hold a small portion of a loved one’s ashes.  They come in silver, black, gold and rose gold, are mainly made of either stainless steel or sterling silver, and are offered in  many different styles and shapes -giving you options to find one that fits with your personality or that of your lost loved one and at a price point that works for you.

Why are Cremation Bracelets Gaining in Popularity?

Over the past few years, cremation bracelets are becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons for this. One main reason is the increase in the amount of families choosing cremation over burial (mainly due to the lower cost of cremation, among other reasons) and their desire to find unique and memorable ways to remember a loved one. Another reason is that most cremation bracelets are unisex and can be worn by a woman or a man (unlike many of the other cremation jewelry options, including necklaces and earrings, that cater to women).  A third reason is that many cremation bracelets can be personalized with a loved one’s name, initials, dates, or a sentiment – making them even more personal.

Cremation Bracelets: What are they made out of?

The two most common materials used to create cremation bracelets are stainless steel and 925 sterling silver plated with rhodium, with the stainless steel option being much more affordable (and durable!).  There are also other options made out of gold, platinum, titanium and glass.  Given the amount of options available on the market today, if you’re looking for a cremation bracelet to honor your loved one there should be something out there that fits with your style and price point.

How Do We Place Ashes in a Cremation Bracelet?

Even though there are many different shapes and styles available, most cremation bracelets have a standard way to fill them and most only hold a very small portion of your loved one’s ashes.

Here are the general steps to fill a cremation bracelet with ashes (if you purchased a bracelet that has it’s own set of instructions, it’s always a good idea to follow those first):

  • Step 1: Gather the materials needed. You'll need your cremation bracelet, a small flathead screwdriver, a small funnel, and a toothpick or small stick (most cremation bracelets come with the screwdriver, funnel and stick – if not, request one from the seller)
  • Step 2: Open the fill hole on the cremation bracelet. Most bracelets will have a threaded small screw on the bottom or backside that needs to be removed. If you're unsure how to open your piece, review the instructions or contact the seller.
  • Step 3: Fill the bracelet with ashes. Place the funnel in the insert hole then carefully pour or scoop a small amount of ashes into the top of the funnel. Use the small metal stick provided to gently push the ashes down into the hole (important note: only do a very small amount of ashes at a time – most pieces only hold a pinch).
  • Step 4: Seal your cremation bracelet. After the bracelet is filled with your loved one’s ashes, put the screw back in the hole and tighten to secure the ashes in the piece. You can also choose to use a small amount of jewelry adhesive to help make sure it remains closed.

Are There Cremation Bracelet Options for Pets?

Like you, we love our four legged family members! Yes, all of the cremation bracelet options offered for people can also be used for pets.  This is because the bracelets are only intended to use a small portion of the ashes and it doesn’t matter if the ashes are from a person or a pet.

Where Can I Buy a Cremation Bracelet?

Wearing cremation bracelets that hold a small portion of a loved one's ashes is a great way to honor them and keep their memory close to your heart. With the increase in popularity in cremation bracelets, there are now many new options available to fit your style and meet your budget. From sterling silver to stainless steel, and even glass cremation bracelets, there's something for everyone. So, if you're considering buying one or more cremation bracelets, check out the options at The Living Urn or do a quick google search to explore your options and find that perfect bracelet to honor your loved one.

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