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Cremation Glass Orbs: Benefits & Where to Buy

When a loved one leaves this Earth, it can be difficult to let them go. For the bereaved, cremation glass orbs offer a beautiful opportunity to keep departed loved ones close while holding them in everlasting remembrance. Cremation glass orbs infuse a small amount of your loved one’s ashes into their compact design, allowing them to be present in your daily life. Glass cremation keepsakes can offer great comfort and solace during a challenging time.

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What are Cremation Orbs?

A cremation orb is a spherical piece of art that includes a small portion of cremated remains. While spherical, cremation orbs do not have to be perfectly round. One of the unique elements of a cremation orb is that they are handmade. With each cremation orb being handcrafted, the slight differences from one to the next make them all the more special. Cremation orbs can come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some even offer unique amenities, such as a protruding hole on the top to allow for it to be ornamentally hung. In contrast, cremation orbs can also provide a flat bottom for a touching display on a shelf or desktop. Many people eschew both selections and opt for a completely spherical cremation orb. The simplicity and elegance of a fully spherical cremation orb can elicit a wide range of emotions. They appear Earth-like and magical, surrendering unlimited symbolic meanings for the holder. With a small amount of ashes infused into the cremation orb, the colors and swirls of artwork can be quite captivating and moving to behold.

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Glass Cremation Keepsake Urns - What Are They?

Glass cremation keepsake urns are much smaller than traditional urns. While urns are designed to hold the entire amount of cremains, a cremation keepsake urn only holds a small portion of ashes, about the amount of a tablespoon. Urns holding cremains simply store the ashes while keeping them hidden. A glass cremation keepsake goes a step further. It includes and infuses the ashes into the stunning artwork of the keepsake. As onlookers behold the sight of a glass cremation keepsake, they’ll easily see the brilliant white ashes of their loved one. As sunlight pours through the glass, a new level of brilliance can be experienced. Glass cremation keepsake urns come in vast colors, shapes, and sizes. They offer several beautiful benefits for the bereaved.

Here are five special ways glass cremation keepsakes can provide support:

  • Unique Display - a highly skilled glass artist makes a glass cremation keepsake urn with the utmost care. When you display your unique glass keepsake, it will easily stand out as a radiant memorial to your loved one. Its elegant beauty will enhance any space you choose to add it to.
  • Transportable - its small size will allow you to take the glass keepsake just about anywhere you wish. It can easily fit in most pockets. Even if you choose to fly with it, your small glass keepsake will pose no threat to TSA screenings. You’ll always be able to keep your loved one close to you.
  • Conversation Starter - wherever you display it in your home, its sublime appearance will make it hard for visitors to ignore. Most people won’t even know it contains ashes. The beauty will draw them in and invite conversation over its unique design. For many grief-stricken individuals, sharing the story of their departed loved one can be cathartic. When we share the departed's memory and life, we help keep their spirit alive. While they may be gone from this Earth, their impact can always be felt.
  • Unity - the loss of a loved one can be quite painful. As bereaved family members lean into each other for support and comfort, dividing the ashes among several glass cremation keepsakes can be a beautiful way to hold the departed in everlasting remembrance. Knowing other close family members are holding a similar keepsake to your own can be a soothing balm to the grief of losing a loved one.
  • Eternal Bond - when we create eternal tributes to our loved ones, we can stay eternally connected with them in spirit. The physical proximity of their ashes can remind us that they are always with us. The infusion of their ashes serves an active purpose, providing us with beauty, comfort, and peace. The deep bond we share with our loved ones is only enhanced.

How Glass Custom Keepsake Urns Are Made

Everything is designed from scratch when you infuse ashes into a glass keepsake. Glass artists cannot add ashes to an already-completed keepsake. The glass must be in liquid form to infuse the ashes into it.

It all starts with a glass artist extracting clear, molten glass from a furnace that reaches temperatures of approximately 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, they add colored glass to the shape. A color rod can be divided into segments and added to the clear glass. Glass artists can also lay powdered glass on a hard surface and roll the molten glass over it to create the preferred look and design. Like the powdered glass, ashes are infused into the design by rolling the molten glass over them. The heat of the glass burns off the carbon in the ashes, resulting in a brilliant white color. Once the glass shape is formed and the colors and ashes have been infused into the design, the keepsake is cooled in an oven called an annealer.

Where to Buy Custom Keepsake Urns?

The Living Urn specializes in handcrafted, high-quality cremation keepsakes, jewelry, and urns. Our Living Orbs Glass Keepsake Urns are a beautiful and touching way to hold your dearly departed loved one in eternal remembrance. Choose from four mesmerizing colors: Ocean Blue, Lily Green, Peaceful Sunset, and White Pearl. Each Living Orb is approximately three inches in diameter, fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. Once you place your order, We’ll send you a collection kit with detailed instructions on how to send a small portion of ashes directly to us. Your glass custom keepsake should take only three to four weeks to create once the ashes are received. The versatility of your Living Orb allows you to display it in several different places, such as a garden, desktop, or a sunny window sill!

Glass keepsakes offer a unique, brilliant display like no other. Besides glass orbs, The Living Urn also offers Living Hearts Glass Keepsake Urns as well as Living Glass Touchstones. Choosing the right memorial for your departed loved one is a personal decision. There is no wrong way to pay tribute to your loved one. The Living Urn is here to help you find a cremation keepsake that’s right for you. Visit our store today to learn more about the incredible handcrafted designs we have to offer!

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