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Myths & Misconceptions Surrounding Cremation Jewelry

With the general taboo around death in our society, it’s no wonder that there are some myths and misconceptions about cremation jewelry. After all, some of it has cremation ashes - that’s icky, right? Not at all! Not only are cremation ashes completely sterile and harmless, but people with cremation jewelry also say that it’s incredibly comforting to have a part of their departed loved one close at hand. We’ll explore more myths and misconceptions about cremation jewelry in this article. 

cremation jewelry

Myth: Cremation Jewelry is Weird

As we mentioned above, our society has some taboos around death. Talking about death can be uncomfortable because we humans don’t like to be reminded of our mortality. Sometimes, someone might think cremation jewelry is weird until they lose someone and want a way to feel closer to them. One reason cremation jewelry is growing in popularity is that it genuinely brings people comfort in times of deep sorrow. And, as sorrow eases, the purpose of cremation jewelry evolves, and it becomes a source of happy memories with the departed loved one. 

Myth: Cremation Jewelry Smells

This is connected to the general idea that cremation jewelry is weird or creepy and our general discomfort with death. It’s perfectly normal to be uncomfortable at the thought of human remains. But it is patently false that cremation ashes smell. If you buy a cremation necklace to fill with ashes, it will emit no odor because cremation ashes don’t smell. (And your necklace will be tightly sealed too). Cremation occurs at very high temperatures, so what’s left behind has been completely purified by the heat. Ashes are perfectly safe and pose no threat to human health. 

Myth: Cremation Diamonds are Fake and Too Expensive

This myth exists around all lab-created gemstones. But the truth is that the chemical makeup of a lab-created diamond and a mined gemstone are identical. The only difference between a cremation diamond and mined diamond is their origins. 

And cremation gemstones are more affordable than people think, especially when the cost of a funeral is considered. Cremation is far less expensive than a funeral and burial, which can run upwards of $10,000, depending on your location. Cremation gemstones range from $700-$2000, so even an expensive cremation gemstone is less costly than a traditional funeral. 

Myth: Cremation Jewelry Looks Tacky

There is such a wide range of cremation jewelry available that you are guaranteed to find a piece that suits your personal style. Fingerprint pendants are stylish, classy, and fully unique. There are also many styles of wearable urns, some of which are so delicate you’d never guess it was cremation jewelry. Cremation glass is also a popular choice, and unless you know what you’re looking for, you’d never know it was anything other than an ordinary blown glass piece of jewelry.

Cremation jewelry is made from all types of material, including common jewelry metals like stainless steel, sterling silver, and gold. So you can have your pick for your piece of cremation jewelry.

Myth: People Will Know It’s Cremation Jewelry

As we discussed, it’s possible to find cremation jewelry that looks like ordinary jewelry. Privacy might be very important to you. If you have a cremation necklace, a common option is to wear it under your clothing. However, some people like the opportunity cremation jewelry might bring to discuss their loved one. It is a matter of personal preference, of course. But rest assured, if you don’t want people to know you’re wearing cremation jewelry, you can hide it or choose a piece that looks perfectly ordinary. 

Myth: You Can Only Use Cremation Jewelry for Human Ashes

So this is another common misconception about cremation jewelry. Jewelry designed for human ashes can also hold things like soil or water from where your loved one’s ashes were scattered. Some people also use their cremation jewelry to hold a lock of their loved one’s hair.

You can also use cremation jewelry for the ashes of a beloved pet. This is far more common than people might think. Cremation jewelry for pets is quite popular. Pet grief might not be well understood by those who haven’t lost a close furry friend, but it is a real and valid form of grief. Cremation jewelry for a beloved pet is a way to comfort yourself and honor your pet’s memory. 

Myth: Cremation Jewelry is Too Expensive

While there is a wide price range for cremation jewelry, it is untrue that it’s too expensive for the average person. It’s possible to find quality cremation jewelry for as low as $50. Of course, there’s less costly jewelry out there, but it is essential to choose a well-made piece so it can last lifetimes. Sterling silver cremation jewelry runs around $100, depending on the size. Whatever your budget, you can find a quality piece of cremation jewelry at The Living Urn.
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