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Cremation Keepsakes for Pets

Cremation Keepsakes for Pets: How to Store Pet Ashes

Your pet was an integral part of your daily life, which is just one reason why their loss is so devastating. While not everyone experiences this, it’s normal to feel deep grief over losing a pet. They are our faithful and loving companions, and sometimes we talk to them more than our human friends. Your pet was likely the first face you saw when you woke up and the last before falling asleep. So it makes sense that losing them leaves a massive hole in your life and also your heart.

dog cremation keepsakes

If you had your pet cremated, you might wonder how to store the remains and if there’s anything special you can do with them. This article will discuss how to store cremation ashes of your pet and ways to incorporate it into meaningful keepsakes.

Pet Cremation Ash Storage

Your pet’s ashes will last for a long time if you keep them dry and out of the sunlight. This means you can store them for as long as you like. (It’s common for people to leave their pet’s ashes in a closet until they’re ready emotionally.) People often store cremation ashes in special plastic bags or containers from the crematorium. You can technically store your pet’s cremation ashes in any container of the correct size.

Display Urns

A display urn is an attractive, sealed vessel that holds cremated remains. This is the traditional way of storing a beloved pet’s ashes, and these urns are often displayed. They can be made of various materials such as wood, cremation glass, and ceramic. Using a display urn allows you to keep a part of your beloved pet close. There are many styles of display urns-you will have lots of options for colors, shapes, and sizes. Display urns can be comforting when grieving and gift you moments of fond reflection in the future.

Cremation Keepsakes for Pets

A cremation keepsake is a small object that holds or incorporates a tiny amount of cremation ash. These are often worn daily or kept out in plain sight. Their size allows for multiple keepsakes to be made for family and friends. You can have a cremation keepsake and a display urn since cremation keepsakes use so little of the remains.

Keepsake Urn

A keepsake urn is a miniature urn designed to contain a small portion of your beloved pet’s cremated remains. Since they are so small, keepsake urns are commonly found in smaller homes or homes where space is at a premium. These urns can be made out of glass, metal, ceramic, or paper. Keepsake urns can be placed anywhere you like and will fit seamlessly into your décor. Having a keepsake urn of your pet’s ashes will be comforting for years and allows you to bury or scatter the rest of the ashes. The Living Urn’s keepsake urn is made from environmentally friendly materials and can be used for scattering or display.

Cremation Jewelry

There are two types of cremation jewelry - wearable urns and jewelry that incorporates cremation ash.

Wearable urns are typically necklaces with small containers as pendants. These containers are usually made out of glass or metal. Stainless steel is attractive and durable, making it an excellent choice for a wearable urn.

The Living Urn’s pendant urn is a small stainless steel tube that holds a glass vial for the cremation ash. This pendant is engraved with your deceased pet’s name, dates of birth and death, and the coordinates of where their ashes were laid to rest or a short sentiment.

Jewelry that incorporates cremation ash either uses cremation glass or some kind of epoxy to hold the ash. Cremation glass is quite beautiful, with the glass-making process transforming the grey cremation ash into a brilliant white. You can find almost any kind of cremation jewelry for all genders.

Cremation Stones

Cremation stones are a very tangible pet cremation keepsake. In a process similar to ceramics, your pet’s cremation ash is turned into a clay-like material and fired in a kiln. Your pet’s cremated remains will almost magically react inside the kiln, rendering beautiful and unique colors and textures. These stones can be displayed, gifted, or buried. They are very durable and can withstand outdoor elements. Visit the Parting Stone to learn more.

Keepsake Planter Urn

A unique and beautiful way to store your pet’s cremation ashes is to use a planter urn. Planter urns incorporate an urn and planter into one vessel. This allows you to bring life to your beloved pet’s urn. You can use any small plant of your choice. One idea is to grow animal grass in the planter, especially if you have other pets. This will allow your precious pet to stay a part of the action. The Living Urn’s keepsake planter urn is artisan designed and meticulously handcrafted out of wood.

Glass Infused with Ashes

A fairly new and popular way to memorialize a pet is to have a portion of their ashes infused with stunning colors into a beautiful glass piece. This can include glass cremation orbs, glass cremation hearts, glass cremation touchstones, among other items.  Place the beautiful reminder of your beloved pet on a special shelf, in the window, or at another special place!


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