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Cypress Tree:  Amazing Color All Year Long!

Cypress Tree: Amazing Color All Year Long!

Appreciated and popular for its rapid growth and slender shape, the Cypress tree beautifies landscapes over a large range of the United States. This evergreen darling provides great color all 12 months of the year with its fine, soft-green, pointed needles.  Moreover, it grows well in a wide variety of soil and climate conditions. This majestic gem contributes a sense of peacefulness and serenity to its environment.


Cypress offer winter cover for songbirds and game birds.

Quirky Facts

In its native habitat, the Bald Cypress displays a peculiar habit of raising conical "knees" from its roots. The function of these growths is something of a mystery, although some believe it is a way to help the roots get oxygen.

The Leyland Cypress is a natural hybrid that came about when a Monterey Cypress was cross bred with an Alaskan Cedar at Leighton Hall in England by a Mr. Naylor in 1888. The tree has found wide popularity because of its legendary salt tolerance, thriving where many other trees will not grow. It has also spawned a wide variety of cultivars designed to enhance its natural beauty.

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