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Cremation Urn Display

Displaying an Urn in Your Home Tastefully

What do you put cremation ashes in? An urn is a container or vessel used to hold a person’s cremated remains. Many people choose to display their loved one’s cremation ash in a display urn. Having a physical piece of a passed loved one is quite comforting to many people and, in turn, helps keep their memory alive. And, keeping cremated remains and putting them on display in the home is a common tradition in many cultures. With the myriad of urn styles out on the market today, there are many ways to display a departed loved one’s urn tastefully. Tastefully displaying an urn has never been easier, so please keep reading for more ideas. 

Choosing Your Urn

choosing your urn

What do you put ashes in? In short, whatever you want. As long as the container is secure, e.g., it will keep the ashes dry and safe from spills, you can use anything as an urn. With the style range of urns today, how obvious it is that you have an urn on display is up to you. Some people like to create a memorial space, complete with a photo of the beloved deceased and perhaps items like trinkets, candles, or a bouquet of flowers. This space could be front and center in your living room or tucked into a cozy, well-lit corner of the main bookcase. How present you want the urn to be is a personal decision for you and your household. However, taste is a matter of preference, and if having the urn on full display helps the grieving process, then that’s what you need to heal. 

Many Different Types of Urns

cremation urns

Modern urns come in many different shapes and sizes. For example, The Living Urn makes urns in cylindrical shapes out of beautiful bamboo wood. Their scattering and burial urns can also be used as display urns in your home. These finely crafted urns are made by hand with sustainable manufacturing and are designed to hold cremation remains securely. Their purpose may not be apparent to the casual observer with their shape. 

If you’d like to err on the discreet side, consider urns that don’t look like urns but will fit in with your other décor items. For example, the EcoHome urn from the Living Urn is shaped like a small chest. With its modern design, this elegant chest is made of sustainable bamboo wood and will be at home in any room of your house. Its securely locking lid keeps your loved one’s ashes safe from jostling or curious pets. 

Planter Urns

planter urns

Other urns in disguise come in the form of planters. Planter urns are commonly made of ceramic or wood, ranging in size from miniature to medium. With a planter urn, there is space for cremation ashes and a living plant. These kinds of urns celebrate the life of your deceased loved one while bringing a living thing into your home. These urns are incredibly discrete; most of your guests would never know that your lovely planter is also a dearly beloved’s urn. The Living Urn’s planter urn comes in small, medium, and large sizes and is made with richly polished hardwood and shaped by hand into a modern, artistic design. This ceramic planter urn looks like a regular plant pot to the unknowing eye. With its lid, this richly colored ceramic planter urn can be kept indoors or outdoors on a patio or porch.

Keepsake Urns

keepsake glass urns

Another way to tastefully display your loved one’s ashes is with a keepsake urn. A keepsake urn is a miniature urn designed to hold a small portion of ash. These small urns allow multiple parties to have an urn for the dearly departed’s cremation ashes. Forestall any arguments and let everyone win with keepsake urns. These urns are made from many materials, including hand-blown glass, wood, and paper. And, since they are so small, they will take up less room than a traditional urn and, in many cases, will go undetected. This customizable keepsake scattering urn is made from recycled paper. You can write or draw your memorial on this keepsake urn. 

Where Can You Display Urns?

display urns

Most of the time, there is no wrong way to display an urn. As long as you consider other household members’ feelings, feel free to display your loved one’s urn as prominently or discreetly as you wish. Consider choosing a room that the dearly departed enjoyed spending time in. That could be done as a way to show them honor. Another approach is to place the urn where it will be most visible, so public rooms like the living room or dining room are good choices. Some people find it comforting to keep their urn in the bedroom, especially if that used to be the departed’s room. A keepsake urn will fit nicely on a desk or workspace, where it will be easy to see throughout the day. When it comes to grief, it’s an individual experience. What matters most is that you’re comfortable with where the urn is on display and that it’s helping your grieving process. 

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