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Don’t Have a Yard? You Can Still Grow a Tree Memorial!

Don’t Have a Yard? You Can Still Grow a Tree Memorial!

You’ve heard about The Living Urn bio tree urn and think it’s a great option for yourself or a loved one. However, you or your family don’t have a yard to plant one in, or plan on moving in the near future - what do you do? Good news - The Living Urn's and its patented tree urn now provide some great options for you!

One option is to order The Living Urn without a tree, then visit your local nursery and pick up a small tree, plant, roses or other flowers to plant in a large pot with The Living Urn. This version comes with everything needed to grow a memorial along with planting instructions for that favorite species that you buy from your local nursery to plant in a pot.

Another option is to order a smaller-sized tree or shrub from The Living Urn that can be planted in a large pot. This includes Japanese Red Maple, Dwarf Crape Myrtles, Hydrangeas, Kousa Dogwood, Magnolia Ann, Magnolia Jane, Emerald Green Arborvitae and Sungold Cypress, among others. All of these are great options that will bring beauty to any patio or balcony.

A third option is to have your loved one’s tree memorial planted with The Living Urn at one of the 35 Memory Forest locations nationwide. Memory Forests are a series of partnerships with pre-screened memorial gardens and cemeteries throughout the U.S. who can facilitate the planting of our special bio urn with your loved one’s cremated remains to grow a tree memorial.  This is a new option that was announced late last year and is quickly growing in popularity. If there’s not a Memory Forest location near you now, there may be in the near future as The Living Urn expects to have over 100 locations by year-end.

A fourth option is to contact your local city, parks department, golf course, church or any special place to have the tree memorial planted on their property. This is becoming more and more common and we’ve had many great stories of families doing this and growing beautiful tree memorials at a location where it will be cared for and thrive.

A fifth option includes a new product offering called The Living Urn Indoors. It is a Bonsai Urn that can grow bonsai trees, house plants, or even serve as a vase for cut flowers!

Mark Brewer, co-founder and company President, commented, “If you’re in a situation where you cannot plant a Living Urn memorial of a loved one where you currently live, there are still many options to still do this and our customer service team is happy to help. A tree or plant can be planted in a large pot that can be moved with you, it can be planted at one of our many Memory Forest locations nationwide, and we’ve also had many stories of families planting their loved one’s tree memorial at golf courses, parks, and churches. We’ve found that a large number of people that have asked are given permission, as many people welcome a beautiful tree on their property. The Living Urn was designed to be an uplifting and affordable memorial option of choice for anybody who chooses, and these options only help families realize the benefits of growing a living memory of a loved one.”

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