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Exploring Artistic Urns: 7 Elegant Options to Consider for Your Loved One

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. While we can’t change the fact that the loss occurred, we do have agency in how we memorialize our departed loved ones. Artistic urns are more than final resting places for your loved one’s ashes. They are vibrant, beautiful vessels that can reflect your loved one’s passions and personality. While artistic urns honor the lives of the departed, they can also offer the bereaved a source of strength, comfort, and connection throughout the grief journey.

green designed glass urn

Infinite Love

Love is the source of all our cherished bonds. The Infinite Love porcelain urn takes a modern, abstract look at our most central element—the human heart. It truly is the wellspring of our deepest affection. The symbolism of the Infinite Love is quite profound. As we carry our love and memories of the departed in our hearts, we also physically hold our loved ones’ ashes within the safe confines of this artistic memorial masterpiece. Available in both elegant black and serene white, this unique memorial can complement any home decor.

Brass Songbird

With their ability to soar above the earth, birds beautifully symbolize freedom and release, which can be especially poignant in a memorial. The sweet music of songbirds inspires hope and can lift hearts heavy with grief. The radiant Brass Songbird is an ever-present reminder of the vibrant memories we hold of our lost loved ones. Available in several colors, this artistic urn can hold your loved one’s ashes safely within its holding chamber. You can place it in any prominent place you wish, such as a windowsill, mantle, or desktop.


Inspired by the canals of Venice, the Venezia is a beautiful handcrafted porcelain urn that is sure to inspire endless interpretations. Venice has 118 tiny islands intricately connected by its canals—the source of all life for Venetians. The Venezia elegantly represents the sacred bonds we share with our departed loved ones. It reminds us that love is ever-flowing and ever-present. This stunning piece of art is available in full size or as a keepsake if you choose to house only a small portion of the ashes.


For those looking to combine artistry with sustainability, The EcoHome™ is expertly crafted from bamboo—one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. The all-natural, smooth surface of this artistic urn offers a bright, elegant look to your home decor. With vibrant grains and solid wall construction, this unique urn presents itself as a cherished treasure box—quite appropriate for housing the sacred ashes of your departed loved one. The EcoHome™ features natural wood locking pins to secure the lid to the base.

Living Glass Keepsake Urns

Living Glass Keepsake urns are one-of-a-kind, custom-made vases. Each one is handcrafted from molten (liquid) glass. These exquisite urns contain a wide range of breathtaking colors, making them quite a sight to behold, especially when sunlight passes through them. The Living Glass Keepsake holds a small portion of ashes and can be used in many different ways. It can permanently house ashes in a prominent space, such as a mantle, dresser, or window sill. The urn can also be used to scatter the ashes at any time. Once empty, this artistic urn can continue to honor your departed loved one. Add fresh flowers to enhance the beauty of your cherished memorial!

Living Glass Touchstones

Like Living Glass Keepsake Urns, Living Glass Touchstones are also handcrafted from molten glass. However, the ashes of your departed loved one are infused into the glass along with a color of your choice, such as lily green, ocean blue, or peaceful sunset. The high temperature of the molten glass burns the carbon from the ashes, changing the color from grey to brilliant white. The stunning interplay of swirling ashes and colors gives your unique touchstones an unparalleled artistic display. The set of five glass touchstones can become a beautiful shared memorial with family members or friends.

Adding artistic flare to your special tribute is a beautiful way to hold your loved one in everlasting remembrance. The bonds we forge with loved ones are one-of-kind, making artistic urns an excellent way to honor those unique relationships. Visit our store today and discover our extensive line of high-quality artistic urns!

Cherished Crystal Urn

The delicate balance of life and the journey beyond it is a beautiful mystery. The Cherished Crystal Urn embraces the mystique and fragility of our existence with its globe-like shape and “cracked” crystal appearance. This artistic urn is handcrafted by skilled artisans in a small village in the Czech Republic, renowned for its high-quality crystal craftsmanship dating back thousands of years. This one-of-a-kind urn can be complemented with a matching crystal keepsake containing a small candle, further memorializing the eternal and everlasting spirit of our loved ones.

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