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Fall, a Great Time to Grow a Living Memory with The Living Urn Bio Urn & Planting System

Fall, a Great Time to Grow a Living Memory with The Living Urn Bio Urn & Planting System

Fall is a beautiful season that encompasses many traditions from a variety of cultures over thousands of years. Change fills the air as leaves transform into vibrant colors and fall to the ground. The red, yellow and orange foliage provides breathtaking scenery in many parts of the country. People are motivated to head outdoors and go for a hike, go fishing, exercise, or simply drive around and enjoy the scenic beauty displayed by the Fall colors. 

Fall is also a great time to plant many trees and grow a living memory of a loved one with The Living Urn. There’s less of a chance of drought and that the sun will scorch newly planted trees. In addition, cooler temperatures experienced during the Fall encourage new root growth and give the tree time to settle into its new environment before Winter and before the hot Summer returns.  During this time, the shoot will go into dormancy, and the tree will focus on establishing roots in new locations.

We asked Mark Brewer, President of The Living Urn about Fall planting, “Fall is a popular time to plant many of the trees we offer, especially Maples and Evergreens, with The Living Urn. Even though many of our customers will receive their tree seedling in the Fall with the leaves falling off, or tree seedlings whos leaves have already fallen off, these are healthy trees that display new foliage after Winter. While Spring is another popular time to plant, the advantage of Fall is that the tree gets time to settle in its new environment and establish a strong root base. This gives the roots time to get adapted to the new environment for a few months before it starts new growth in the Spring.”

If the ground has already frozen where you live, or if you prefer to wait to plant until the Springtime, you can still purchase a Living Urn and have it shipped now, and store your loved one’s cremated remains in the BioUrn and place the urn back in the decorative bamboo case we provide. The tree or shrub you select will then ship separately and directly from our nursery to arrive by the date of your choosing.

Brewer comments on the option to get your Living Urn now, but delay the shipment of the tree or shrub, “This is a popular option as many families want to place their loved one’s cremated remains in the urn right away, but then plan ceremonies, or make other arrangements, around the planting of their loved one with the tree. If this is a situation you’re in, simply let our Denver-based customer service team know when you want your tree or shrub shipped and they’ll make sure it arrives directly from our nursery by that date, ready to plant.”

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