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Fall Has Arrived... What Does it Mean to You and Your Family?

Fall Has Arrived... What Does it Mean to You and Your Family?

Beautiful and nostalgic, the meaning of Fall encompasses several traditions and ideas from a variety of cultures over hundreds of years. Change and transformation fills the air as leaves change colors and fall to the ground below. The red, orange, and yellow foliage is there to remind us that change can be scary but it is also a beautiful thing.

fall tree color

Fall, also referred to as Autumn, occurs between the end of September and into December in the Northern Hemisphere. In the past, it was referred to as the Harvest because farmers collected their crops for the Winter. On the day of the Autumn Equinox, the day and night both last for 12 hours reminding us to find balance. Through the transition, we find knowledge and Fall, is the best season to find a new perspective. It allows us to focus on a variety of topics that come up over the season.

Fall represents a time for transformations both personal and environmental. The temperatures drop, leaves fall, and your wardrobe is dominated by clothing that will keep you warm. It is the favorite season for those that love cooler weather, boots, and Halloween. A season drenched in tradition, Fall is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change. We leave the Summer heat behind and the blooming flowers are replaced by crisp leaves.

Symbolism is etched in the spiritual fabric of Fall. Many traditions have been passed down and modified over the years. As you look back into your heritage you may find that Fall means a lot more than you expected. Druids then and now celebrate Mean Fomhair, the Autumn Equinox by offering libations to trees. During this time the Druids focus on balance because it is the only time that it can be observed in nature. Fall is the end of many things but it can also represent the beginning, take a cue from the spiritual and use this season to help you find the balance you need.

What is often been seen as a morbid subject, Fall has given a positive spin to death. While the passing of time and the death of a loved one will cause sadness and mourning, Fall reminds us that death doesn’t always have to leave us sad. If a loved one passes during the Fall season let The Living Urn® give your loved one an Autumnal and environmentally friendly send off. This special bio urn tree memorial will become a part of the changes that occur every year as the leaves change to beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red. Fall is also a great time to head outdoors and scatter ashes of a loved one in a special and memorable way.

The meaning of Fall is different to everyone. Some find a spiritual connection with the season while others get nostalgic over the memories. For others, it is the holidays that allow us to be whoever we want to be and eat whatever we want. Fall is almost the perfect season because it has everything we want and need to end happily and begin again. Embrace the change and embrace Fall!

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