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fall memorial tree

Fall Memorial Ideas

While you can’t time when you’ll need to plan a memorial, having one in the Fall offers opportunities for symbolism. Fall is when nature starts to become dormant and transition from the hot Summer to the cold of Winter. Trees and plants drop their seeds to be buried during the cold months before starting to grow in the Spring. Taking advantage of Fall themes for your memorial might bring some ease as you align yourself with the current Autumn season. One way to take advantage of a fall memorial is by planting a memory tree since fall is a good time to plant trees. 

fall memorial tree

Where to Host a Fall Memorial

If you live where the leaves turn in the fall, it would be beautiful to host a fall memorial outside to take full advantage of the views. The leaves turning color and falling off are a beautiful representation of the seasons of life we all go through and of this current season of loss. You can incorporate the season of fall in your memorial in a variety of ways. 

Fall Themed Memorial Decorations

Decorating for your memorial can be a way of comforting yourself and those who attend. Bring the theme of fall into your memorial with these decorating ideas.

1. Pumpkins, squash, and decorative gourds

Pumpkins are a widely recognized symbol of fall and come in a variety of sizes for decorating. A fun way to connect with family and loved ones before the memorial would be to host a pumpkin carving party to prepare jack o lanterns for the memorial. Candles add warmth, comfort, and ambiance. And, you can theme the pumpkin carvings to be fall-themed, not Halloween-themed. Another idea is to carve the name and date of birth and death of the deceased into the pumpkins. If carving pumpkins is too much right now, placing candles around pumpkins of any size adds serene elegance. 

Decorative gourds add color and say fall. Add gourds of various sizes and shapes to your pumpkin arrangements for a splash of color and texture. 

2. Fall leaves

Fall leaves scattered on tables or lining the aisles add a touch of color and fall ambiance. These leaves could be gathered from outside or purchased at a craft store. If you don’t live somewhere with trees that turn colors, purchasing leaves for decorations is a wonderful way to make it feel like a fall memorial. A table scattered with leaves in the center with a few votives makes for a simple centerpiece. 

3. Hay bales

Hay bales can be used as decorative accents, or as seating if covered with fall-themed quilts or fabric. 

4. Warm colors

Choose warm colors like deep oranges, burgundies, rich yellows, and browns to decorate your memorial. Go with flowers in these colors for a warm, fall theme. 

5. Pinecones and acorns

These will add some lovely brown accents and say fall at the same time. 

Plant a Tree for Your Loved One

Fall is a good time to plant trees because it allows their roots to establish themselves after the heat of summer and before the cold of winter. The Living Urn offers the leading memory tree system in America. Their patented, ecologically crafted BioUrn makes so that you can easily plant a tree with the cremated ashes of your deceased loved one. A tree is a wonderful living memorial and will allow people to remember your loved one for generations to come. 

The Living Urn’s planting system was developed over years of work with soil scientists and arborists. They wanted to give their customers the highest rate of success with their memory trees and make the system as easy as possible. You don’t need a green thumb to successfully grow a Living Urn Memory tree.

Adding tree planting as part of the memorial service is a good way to celebrate and honor your loved one. Ritual is a part of healing, and allowing others who were close to the deceased to be part of the memory tree planting adds significance to the event. 

If you don’t live somewhere you can plant a tree, there are memory forests across the nation that are dedicated to caring for memory trees like yours. 

Memorials and The Living Urn

In addition to its BioUrn for planting a memory tree, the Living Urn offers a variety of beautifully and ecologically crafted memorial urns. Memorial urns hold the ashes or a portion of the ashes of a loved one for display in the home. The Living Urn offers two planter urns, one made of ceramic and one handcrafted from wood. They also have a bamboo display urn shaped like a small chest. You can also buy memory pendants, which hold a small portion of ash and are engraved with the resting place coordinates. Whatever your memorial needs are, the Living Urn is here for you. 

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