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ice urn

Flow™ Ice Urn: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Funeral rituals have existed in one form or another since the beginning of mankind. Throughout history there has not been a lot of innovation in the funeral industry and it has been slow to adapt. However, with the significant increase in the amount of people choosing cremation over burial, many new and unique memorials involving a person’s ashes are becoming available. This includes the Flow™ ice urn, a new and beautiful way to scatter ashes gracefully in water!

What is the Ice Urn?

Ice Urn

The Flow ice urn is a beautiful floating urn made entirely of ice, one of the most visually stunning natural substances. It floats gracefully on water before dissolving, returning ashes to nature in the most ecologically pure manner. This special patented urn has received multiple European design awards.

How does the Ice Urn work?

The Flow ice urn is complex in its design, but simple and easy to use. Your loved one’s ashes are placed in the center cavity of the urn. The Ice Urn is then transported in the special cooler provided to a special place of your choosing.  Next, simply place the ice urn in the water and watch it float and gracefully scatter your loved one’s ashes.

Where can I purchase the Ice Urn?

The Flow ice urn is available through select funeral homes throughout the U.S. Simply contact The Living Urn’s customer service team at (800) 495-7022, ext. 0 to find a participating funeral home near you!

How much of the ashes can be used with the Ice Urn?

The Flow™ ice urn was designed to be used with as much of one full set of human cremation ashes, or as little as you prefer.

The Significance of Water and Ice – Why is Ice so Unique?

Many people have a special connection with bodies of water. Some draw pleasure and energy from the beauty of oceans, lakes and rivers and for others these bodies of a water are a means of support for a livelihood and family.

Throughout history and across cultures, water has persisted as a universal symbol of life, renewal and purity. For these reasons, water is involved in funeral rites across the globe.

Water is the most abundant substance on earth and makes all life possible. In addition, water and ice present a natural, brilliant beauty few natural phenomena can rival. 

Water is different than virtually every other liquid and it is these very special properties that make life as we know it possible. When liquids change state from a liquid to a solid, they contract and become more dense. Water, however, expands when it freezes  making frozen water less dense than liquid water. This odd and critical difference to other liquids prevents oceans and lakes from freezing from the bottom up (and freezing completely) which allows for the continued existence and humans and other large organisms on our planet. This property is also the reason Ice floats.

The same amazing anomalous properties of water that make all life on earth possible, also permit the Flow™ ice urn to float gracefully and return the cremated remains to nature in the most beautiful and ecologically pure manner.



U.S. Patent No. 9.763.846.  Flow and Flow Design trademarks are used by Biolife in the United-States under license from MEMORIA.

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