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Modern Urns Types, Sizes and Materials

Modern Urns Types, Sizes and Materials

When a loved one passes away, choosing a cremation urn can be an important part of the grieving process. In the past, cremation urns have been more traditional, however today there are many unique and modern urn options available. Modern urns come in many different styles and shapes, adding an artistic touch to a memorial. This can include simple cylinder shapes to stunning works of art in glass, ceramic and wood – there are hundreds of options now available online or at your local funeral home.

modern glass urns

Ceramic Modern Urns

One of the most common materials used to create modern urns is ceramic. Ceramic modern urns are available in many different shapes, designs, colors, and finishes. The ease of working with and shaping ceramic clay makes this material a great option for urn designers and artists. In addition, ceramic urns are typically glazed and the heat from the kiln creates a beautiful finish on the surface of the urn. The stunning Venezia and Infinite Love urns are crafted in art-grade ceramics by European artists and represent beautiful options for honoring a loved one.

Glass Modern Urns

Few modern urn materials rival the beauty of crystal and glass – a very unique and beautiful option for cremation urns. Modern glass urns come in a number of different colors, shapes and styles. They can include a cavity for ashes, or the ashes can be infused into the glass piece. Popular glass urn options include stunning colorful orbs infused with a portion of the ashes, along with stained glass or blown glass keepsakes. In crystal, the Cherished series are handcrafted in Europe and create both a beautiful memorial and a modern work of art. The Cherished Crystal keepsake has a space on top for a candle – a beautiful way to remember a loved one.

Wood Modern Urns

Another common material used to create modern urns is wood. Wooden modern urns display beautiful grains and colors that create a stunning natural look. Popular wood types include walnut and cherry hardwoods, both of which are used in the popular Living Urn Planter. This unique urn comes with a vase on top to hold a succulent or small plant and has two sections, secured together by embedded rare earth magnets, with a space inside to hold ashes.  In addition to traditional natural woods, modern veneer wood urns, like our Bristol and Icon urns, have allowed for an even greater expression of the art of creating modern cremation urns with the addition of various textures and finishes on the urn.

Metal Modern Urns

Metal is another common material used to create modern urns. Modern metal urns can be simple and understated, or they can be highly ornate with intricate engravings and colors. Metal urns are also a wonderful option to serve as a permanent urn due to their durability. Additionally, metal urns can typically be personalized to make for a more meaningful memorial.

Additional Types of Modern Urns

In addition to the common materials mentioned above, there are also many different modern cremation urns made from unique and innovative materials. This can include eco-friendly materials that allow a natural return to the earth following cremation. Popular eco-friendly options include:

  • The Living Urn® – bio urn is made from recycled plant materials and gives families the ability to grow a tree memorial of a loved one from the bio urn holding their ashes.
  • Eco Water Urn – this eco-friendly urn floats like a buoy and gently releases ashes into the water below making for a beautiful and serene memorial event.
  • Eco Scattering Urns – made entirely from bamboo, a sustainable resource, this all-natural unique urn gives families the ability to scatter a loved one’s ashes with control and ease

Additional modern options include cremation keepsakes. These typically only hold a small portion of a loved one’s ashes and can either complement a full-sized urn or many keepsakes can be combined to hold 100% of a loved one’s ashes. Below we highlight a few of the more popular modern keepsake options:

  • Cremation Stones – made from either stone or glass, cremation stones are a new and increasingly popular option to contain a loved one’s ashes.
  • Cremation Glass – choose from colorful touchstones, orbs and hearts and have your loved one’s ashes infused into the piece during the glass making process. These are popular modern options that continue to gain interest in the U.S. and worldwide.
  • Cremation Jewelry – typically made from either 925 sterling silver or glass, cremation jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes. This includes stunning necklaces, bracelets, and rings and are designed to hold a small portion of a loved one’s ashes.

Choosing a Modern Cremation Urn

With the number of cremation urn options available today, selecting the “right” urn can be a challenge – just know that this is a personal choice and there is no “right” answer. If you recently lost a loved one and are finding it difficult to decide on an urn, enlist the opinions of family and friends to help you make a decision. Alternatively, you can keep your loved one’s ashes in the standard temporary container provided by the funeral home until you decide on an urn that fits with you and your lost loved one. Just know that whatever you decide will be the right choice.

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