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Cremation Necklace

How & When to Wear a Cremation Jewelry Necklace

You’ve thoughtfully honored your departed loved one with a cremation jewelry necklace. In doing so, you’ve ensured that the bond you share with them will live on in loving remembrance, close to your heart and close to your thoughts. An urn necklace is a beautiful and delicate piece of jewelry that can be handed down generationally as a family heirloom.

cremation jewelry for ashes

To honor your loved one and ensure that this sacred piece continues to shine vibrantly throughout the ages, follow these helpful guidelines:

How Long Should Chains Be for Cremation Necklaces?

cremation jewelry for ashes

There is no set etiquette for the chain length of a cremation necklace. It’s really up to you! What makes you the most comfortable? Chain lengths generally vary from 18” to 30”. It all depends on a few things:
  • body frame
  • fashion sense
  • lifestyle choices
  • how you wish to display your memorial keepsake

For instance, someone who likes to layer other necklaces may prefer the shorter 18” chain. This may also benefit a person with a smaller body frame. Since the cremation jewelry rests closer to the base of the throat, it also helps to avoid swinging for someone who may have an active lifestyle.

How Do You Seal a Cremation Necklace?

tree of life cremation pendant

Sealing a cremation necklace is easy and only requires a few steps. Usually, Some are opened by hand, such as bail caps and corks, while others have screw caps that require a small flathead screwdriver. Once the chamber has been filled with ashes, test that there is enough room for the topper, cork, or cap to fit. Delicately pour the excess back into its original container if there are too much of the ashes. Next, insert the topper or cork halfway. Use a half drop of superglue on the threads or cork. Fully insert the top, wipe away any excess glue with a cloth, and your cremation necklace is sealed!

Can Cremation Necklaces Get Wet?

Water is rarely a good thing for a necklace, let alone a cremation necklace. Unless it is used, deliberately and with the utmost care to clean your jewelry, water can permanently damage your memorial keepsake. Although the ashes are securely stored within the keepsake, water can wear down the seal and seep in.

Can I Shower with my Ashes Necklace?

Wearing a cremation necklace can be such a moving and profound experience. So much so that it can be difficult for some people to bare the thought of being separated from it - even for a shower. Grief is a personal journey and there is no wrong way to think or feel about your experience. The best thing for your keepsake is to remove it during shower time. Even without ashes, regular exposure to water and soap buildup can damage sterling silver. And, of course, no one needs the stress of the looming shower drain looking to claim dropped jewelry!

Can You Sleep with an Urn Necklace?

There are many opinions on this one. In general, sleeping with a necklace is safe, although it may require more regular cleaning. With an urn necklace, things get a little more tricky. Even though the chamber the ashes rest in is sealed, the keepsake can be damaged from rolling on top of it repeatedly. For the sake of the urn necklace, it is safest to remove it for the night.

How Do You Clean an Urn Necklace with Ashes?

Most of the urn necklaces at The Living Urn are made from sterling silver, which makes polishing the easiest and most effective way to clean and preserve your cremation jewelry necklace. Because it houses your loved one’s ashes, you must refrain from immersing your keepsake in any liquids; this could permanently damage them. Instead, simply use a special flannel jewelry cloth on its own to restore its brilliance. If you feel the cloth alone is not enough to remove extreme tarnish, there are paste polishing options you can use; however, it should still be handled with care around the seal.

Beyond that, one of the best ways to preserve a sterling silver necklace is to wear it!  Believe it or not, the oils from our skin can help prevent it from tarnishing, thus effortlessly maintaining its luster.

Can You Fly with a Cremation Necklace?

Of course! The TSA has no restrictions on passengers wearing cremation necklaces. Because your cremation jewelry necklace discretely carries a very small amount of your loved one’s ashes, it typically isn’t something that concerns them. You can even fly with a cremation urn if you wish!

Even though TSA agents are not permitted to open a cremation urn, they need the contents to be visible with an X-ray. It is important to consider flying with a TSA-compliant urn such as bamboo, wood, plastic, or bio urns. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to check with your airline and TSA for any updated information regarding carry-on and checked baggage that may contain your urn.

Can You Send a Necklace with Ashes in the Mail?

Yes, you can certainly mail cremation jewelry with ashes in the mail; however, the only shipping service that is permitted to ship a person’s ashes in the United States is the United States Postal Service (USPS). FedEx and UPS are not permitted to do so and will be forced to refuse service if you attempt to utilize their services. As always, check with USPS for any updates in their shipping procedures and policy before sending ashes in the mail.
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