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How Growing Plants Helps With Grief

How Growing Plants Helps With Grief

The bond shared with a departed loved one is sacred and unique. When experiencing the loss of a loved one, each individual embarks on a personal journey of grief. The bereaved can feel as though they’ve been plunged into a private world of unbearable pain with no relief in sight. After all, loss upends the world as we know it and takes away any sense of control in our lives. We can’t bring back our lost loved ones, but we can have agency in how we face our feelings and cope with our loss. In these times, finding constructive and meaningful ways to honor and memorialize our loved ones can be extremely therapeutic. One of the most beautiful and soothing forms is grief gardening.


What is Grief Gardening?

For grief-stricken individuals, participating in gardening as they cope with their loss is known as grief gardening. Dedicating a particular tree or plant to a loved one by including their ashes can be a special way to enhance the experience. With grief gardening, the bereaved can channel their grief into a creative and holistic outlet, release thoughts and feelings, and hold their loved ones in eternal remembrance. Gardening helps us return to nature, reminding us of the circle of life. The love we share with our departed loved ones is never-ending. Nurturing a memory tree or plant in their honor is a continuance of that love.

Tending to plants allows us to support new life and help it flourish. From the cool touch of the soil to the soothing scent of its fragrance to the joy of seeing plants grow, gardening engages several of our senses. Like the grief process, cultivating plants takes time, care, and patience. Often, some of the most challenging work is done without our awareness. As plants work to rise out of the soil, our ability to cope and find peace also springs forth. Even though our grief never truly disappears, we can learn to embrace life and move forward with the help of grief gardening.

How Does Growing Plants Help With Grief?

Cultivating plants reminds us of the beauty of life. It inspires hope that our days can have joy once again. Grief and gardening are an ideal partnership because it's all about allowing the process to run its course; there’s no stopwatch. When the time is right, both the plant and our despair will rise out of the darkness and embrace the light. Grief gardening offers several therapeutic benefits for the bereaved.

Provides Purpose

Tending to a plant can give a grief-stricken individual a sense of purpose in their day, which can help draw them out of despair. As a quiet activity, grief gardening helps keep a person grounded in the present moment. Whether watering the soil or doing some gentle trimming, nurturing life can be a transformative experience. With memory trees or household plants, the bereaved can add their loved one’s cremated remains into the soil to help bring forth life once again. Interacting tangibly with your loved one’s ashes can strengthen your eternal bond. Your loved one’s remarkable legacy lives on as a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Fortifies Your Sacred Connection

Nature has a way of restoring health and well-being. The presence of plants, trees, and flowers invites peace and quiet. As you tend to elements in your garden, such as a memory tree or houseplant, you can commune silently with your loved one or share your thoughts and feelings. Although they have left their earthly body, your loved one is still here to be part of your daily life.

Releases Stress

Losing a loved one can be one of the most stressful periods we ever face. Grief gardening gives us a much-needed break from the stress in our daily lives, including digital activities like texting and social media. When we focus on our grief gardening, “feel good” hormones like dopamine and serotonin are released, and stress-related cortisol dissipates.

Offers a Sense of Accomplishment

As the garden begins to flourish, grief-stricken individuals can feel a sense of accomplishment in their loving touch. With care and nourishment, the radiance of life reminds the bereaved that beauty is all around and happiness can be experienced again. Urn planters offer a unique connection to your departed loved one. As a chosen tree sprouts from the carefully cultivated mixture of soil and cremated remains of a lost loved one, the bereaved can feel a sense of pride and overwhelming joy.

Get Started With Growing Plants for Healing

Whether you prefer to pay tribute to your departed loved one through an outdoor garden or with the addition of an indoor plant, The Living Urn offers several remarkable memory tree and urn planter options. A bonsai tree can make a wonderful memorial for your loved one, symbolizing harmony, simplicity, and perseverance. Bonsai trees take great care and time to grow and shape. Also, they can be passed down for generations. They can encourage peace and serenity, serving as a moving memorial to your loved one. From traditional windswept juniper trees to sago palms to flamingo flowers and more, there’s no shortage of choices with The Living Urn. You can even choose a plant or flower from your local nursery. Our sleek porcelain urns come in multiple colors and can hold your loved one’s cremated remains. The patent pending growing system makes caring for and cultivating your special plant easy. Visit The Living Urn store to learn about how urn planters can provide a moving tribute to your departed loved one!

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