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how to become a tree when you die

How to Become a Tree When You Die

With the increase in families choosing cremation, many are looking for unique alternatives and uplifting memorials that includes their ashes or the ashes of a loved one. One such option that’s gaining in popularity in recent years is to become a tree after you die.  The most common (and proven) way to do this is to use the patented Living Urn.

How Becoming a Tree After Death Worksbecoming a tree after death

Over 25,000 families worldwide have used the patented Living Urn – this gives families peace of mind that they’re using a system that works. In addition, over 3,000 U.S. funeral homes offer The Living Urn to the families they serve.

The Living Urn: The Patented Bio Urn and Planting System

The Living Urn is a proven system with thousands of positive reviews. This system was developed with the help of top soil scientists, arborists and material engineers to help ensure that the memorial tree will live and thrive.  Here’s a summary of how it works:

  • Remove the bio urn from the bamboo casing and transfer your loved one’s ashes into the urn
  • Pour the bag of our proprietary RootProtect® additive on top of the cremated remains
  • Then, follow the easy instructions provided to plant the Living Urn with the tree
  • A beautiful living tree will then grow from the urn to create a long-lasting memory of your loved one

Bamboo Casing

Every Living Urn comes packaged in an all-natural bamboo casing. This can be engraved with your loved one’s name, dates, a sentiment, symbol, and anything else that is special to them. It is a great way to store the bio urn holding your loved one’s remains until you’re ready to plant. The bamboo case also makes for a great centerpiece at funerals or memorial events.  After the planting, many families will repurpose this unique case to hold a loved one’s belongings, turn it into a flower pot, among many other uses.

Tree Selection

With The Living Urn, you can choose from a number of tree options that can grow and thrive in your area (identified by zip code).  Depending on where you are planting it can be up to 60 tree and shrub options that includes maples, oaks, willows, pines, crape myrtles, among many others. The tree you select is sent, on-demand, and comes two to four feet in height with a robust root system (in either a gallon or quart pot). Alternatively, you can opt for The Living Urn without a tree then simply pick a tree, shrub or rose bush up from your local nursery and follow the step-by-step planting instructions provided to plant with the bio urn.

Tree Planting Ceremoniesbecome a tree when you die planting ceremony

When a loved one chooses to become a tree after death, many families are now choosing to have a tree planting ceremony to honor their loved one. At this memorial, you can have family and friends participate in the actual planting, or use this time to say something about your loved one who passed. It can even be a more formal event with a program, speakers, and more.  Be sure to check the weather and have options for cover if there’s a chance of rain or snow.

Pre-Planning Option

If you love the idea of becoming a tree after death but don’t have a need for it yet, there’s always the pre-planning tree memorial option. With this, you receive the patented Living Urn and planting system now with a voucher for a tree of choice that can be used anytime with no expiration.  The bio urn and planting system has no expiration and can be kept for decades before planting.

Alternative Options to Become a Tree After Death

If you don’t have a special place in mind to plant The Living Urn outdoors, consider a “living” indoor option.  Below we highlight two of the most popular options.

    • Living Urn Planter - the Living Urn Planter is handmade from premium hardwoods and includes a small pot on top where a succulent or small plant can be planted. This beautiful piece of art has a top and bottom piece that are held together by embedded rare earth magnets with a compartment in the middle to hold a loved one’s ashes. It is a great addition to any home décor and resembles more of an artistic piece than a standard urn.
    • Living Urn Indoors / Patio - the Living Urn Indoors / Patio is made from high quality porcelain and comes in three colors – White Pearl, Sunshine Yellow, and Celedon Blue. It has a circular shape and includes a compartment in the outer ring where a loved one’s ashes can be placed.  In the center is a potting chamber where a plant a bonsai tree or houseplant can be planted. This creates a beautiful ‘living’ memorial for a loved one that can be kept indoors on or a patio.

Can Pets Also Become a Tree After Dying?

Yes! The Living Urn also offers a pet version of its proprietary bio urn and planting system. With this, you can choose from the same large selection of trees to grow a living memory of your beloved pet at a special place of your choosing!

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