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How to Care for Glass Cremation Keepsakes: Cleaning and Storage

How to Care for Glass Cremation Keepsakes: Cleaning and Storage

Caring for glass is simple, but if you’re new to glass care, it’s normal to have some questions and to want to be extra careful. And, since we’re talking about a cremation glass keepsake, it’s a precious item that deserves excellent treatment. Here are some dos and don’ts (some might surprise you!) for how to care for glass cremation keepsakes

Keep it Simple

glass orb keepsake

For regular cleaning, use water and a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are miraculous cleaning tools and are the best item to use on glass. They clean and polish away any streaks. Wet part of the microfiber and use it to wipe down your keepsake. Ideally, do this while holding your keepsake over a counter or table padded with a towel. Then dry and polish with the dry side of the cloth. Voila! Your keepsake is clean and shiny.

Handle with Care

caring glass ashes keepsake

All glass is fragile, but only cremation glass is priceless. Always handle your cremation glass keepsakes with care. This might sound like obvious advice, but it can be easy to become distracted, especially with the heightened emotions of grief. While you can always have another cremation piece made if you have more ash, it’s easier on the heart to avoid the need. Only handle your keepsake when you feel calm and steady…enough. We know it can be emotional. Take extra precautions like lining the sink with a towel for any rinsing and always handling it over a high surface like a table or counter. It may feel like overkill, but a few simple steps can ensure the safety of your cremation glass keepsake. 

When It’s Time to Clean

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If you’re wondering about how to care for glass, keep reading. You may need to clean your cremation glass keepsake. In that case, use cleaners like diluted white vinegar or diluted dish soap. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the glass. Never use the abrasive side of a sponge on your cremation glass. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, like ones with grit or any bleach on your cremation glass. Yes, glass can take some light cleaning, but you want to treat it with the care its delicate surface requires. 

Consider Filtered Water

For those wondering how to care for a cremation glass keepsake in the best way possible, keep reading for a surprising tip. If you want to go the extra mile when cleaning, use filtered water. Tap water can technically leave streaks and has mineral residues, and while usually, this isn’t an issue, you will get a better clean with filtered water. Keep a jug in your pantry, which will last dozens of cleanings. 

Clean as Needed

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Dust your glass keepsake about once a week or as needed. Some areas are dustier than others, and certain spots in your home, such as under a vent, can lead to the need for more frequent dusting. Use a feathered or another type of handheld duster or a dry, clean microfiber cloth. If the dust film is especially thick, use a damp microfiber cloth or rinse with soapy water. Try to use the microfiber first, though, because frequent handling increases the risk of breakage. 

Display with Care

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When displaying your cremation glass keepsake, it’s essential that you choose a secure location. One risk to any glass keepsake is being placed somewhere it could be knocked over. Please choose an area away from walkways, for example, where a piece of furniture could be jostled, or an elbow could knock it off a cabinet top. Also, consider any pets or children in the house and place the keepsake out of their reach; broken glass is dangerous, and the little ones may be curious, especially about something so lovely as your cremation glass keepsake. If you have an especially determined cat, consider placing the keepsake in a room the cat has no access to or distract the cat with toys and treats. Otherwise, you may need to store the keepsake for the time being. 

Use Care When Storing

If you need to store the glass keepsake, as with any glass, padding is essential. Wrap the keepsake in packing paper and then with bubble wrap. Store at the top of any drawer and never place heavy items on the keepsake. If you need to move the keepsake, wrap it as instructed above, put it in a small but sturdy cardboard box with added packing paper or bubble wrap, and then pack that box into a larger moving box, taking care to place it at the top. 

Don’t Use Paper Towels

This may surprise you (it surprised us!), but don’t use paper towels on your cremation glass keepsake. When it comes to how to clean glass, paper towels are apparently not a good choice. One, they can be abrasive and leave small scratches on the glass. And two, they also leave a trail of fine lint behind. Choose a clean and dry microfiber cloth, or consider the perennial favorite, newspapers, to clean your glass. 

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