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How to Choose a Pendant for Cremation Fingerprint Jewelry

How to Choose a Pendant for Cremation Fingerprint Jewelry

As you move through the grief that comes from losing a loved one, you may be considering a piece of cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry holds a part of a deceased loved one in some form. Some cremation jewelry incorporates cremation ash, but others use a different part of your loved one: their fingerprint. Everyone’s fingerprint is beautifully unique, making it perfect for cremation jewelry. Probably the most common type is the cremation fingerprint jewelry pendant. These can be worn around the neck as a necklace, on a bracelet like a charm, or even used as a keychain. Keep reading to learn how to choose cremation jewelry pendants for yourself or your loved one!

Types of Cremation Fingerprint Jewelry Pendants

fingerprint jewelry pendant

There are many different fingerprint pendant types. These pendants can be made from various metals, such as stainless steel, silver, and gold. Sterling silver, which is what fine silver jewelry is made of, is a popular choice for its look, value, and wearability. Silver loves to be worn and needs less polishing if worn all the time, making it an excellent choice for fingerprint pendants.

Fingerprint pendants come in different styles, from the classic look to a modern “dog tag” style. Many fingerprint pendants are unisex and appeal to a broad audience. Others can be more feminine or masculine, depending on your preferences. And, of course, a man can still wear something feminine, and vice versa. When it comes to how to choose a cremation fingerprint jewelry pendant, what you like and want is the most important factor. 

Meaning of Oval Pendants

Ovals are a classic shape for any pendant and will match any ensemble, no matter how casual or formal. Ovals are a type of circle and have no real beginning or end. Some would say this is similar to the eternal nature of the soul, which endures despite what happens to one’s earthly form. The oval shape is also quite complementary to the shape of a fingerprint, particularly the thumbprint. Ovals are also a neutral shape and can suit many styles.

Meaning of Teardrop Pendants

Teardrop pendants can symbolize the loss you’ve suffered and the grief you are now enduring. A teardrop is a quite literal representation of grief and the tears you are likely shedding as a result of your loss. Even as the more intense stages of grief wash over you and pass, you will probably still experience pangs of grief. You may daily mourn the loss of your loved one, and this can be represented by an eternal tear, even as you move on with life. 

Meaning of Heart Pendants

The heart shape is the shape of love and beautifully represents what you feel towards your departed loved one. A heart shows the love you shared with the one who’s left, and it symbolizes the love you still carry for them in your heart. A heart-shaped pendant will literally hold your loved one’s fingerprint, showing that they are always and forever in your heart. Show your love with a custom cremation fingerprint jewelry pendant in the shape of a heart. 

Meaning of Cross Pendants

A cross pendant represents a vital part of the Christian faith and is generally used as a faith symbol across the globe. If your loved one was a person of faith, then a cross pendant is very meaningful since it represents what your loved one believed. They are also appropriate if you’re a person of faith. A cross represents the Christian belief of life after death in heaven and of the second coming of Christ when those who are buried will rise again because of their faith in Christ. Display your faith and hope with a cross-shaped fingerprint pendant. 

Meaning of Memory Tag Pendants

Memory tags are similar in style to the classic military dog tag. These are lovely when used to remember someone who served in the military or law enforcement. These people are heroes every day, and a memory tag is a loving way to remember them. While anyone can wear memory tags, those who are more masculine might feel more comfortable with the memory tag style.

How to Choose the Right Fingerprint Jewelry Pendant

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We touched on this earlier, but whatever fingerprint pendant you want is the right one for you. Choose in the best way you see fit. You could choose the one that best represents your departed loved one, the one that makes you think of them the most, the one that you think they would have liked, or the one that caught your eye first. Whatever piece you choose will have their fingerprint on it, making it fully represent your deceased loved one. And if this decision is more complicated (or easier) than you expected, it’s ok. Grief is strange and is eased by accepting the ways we need to heal. We hope that a quality cremation fingerprint pendant will offer you some comfort as you remember, grieve, and heal.
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