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indoor cremation urn

Introducing Our New Indoor Cremation Urns

More than half of all people who pass in the U.S. today are choosing to be cremated, up from just 25% in 1999. And, according to the National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA), nearly 80% of Americans are expected to choose cremation by 2040. This surge in interest in cremation is due to many reasons, including cremation cost vs. burial and families being less traditional than they used to be. With the surge in cremation, there are also many new and uplifting memorial options available that incorporate a loved one’s ashes. This includes The Living Urn’s patented bio urn and planting system that gives families the ability to grow a tree memorial.  New scattering urns, water urns, and burial urns have also been introduced that memorialize a loved one in a dignified way and are also becoming quite popular. Another trend that’s growing is to honor a loved one indoors in a beautiful and unique cremation urn.

The Living Urn’s New Indoor Cremation Urn Offering

indoor planter urn

There are thousands of cremation urns available that can be kept in the home on the mantle, or on a table or counter top. Many of these are standard or “traditional” urns that are shaped like a box and are either made out of wood or metal. These are meant to simply keep a loved one’s cremated remains secure in a place in the home.

With the increase in the number of people choosing cremation, many families are looking for different and unique indoor urn options for their loved one. Groups, such as Biolife (The Living Urn) based in Colorado, are focused on filling this need. Biolife recently introduced The Living Urn Indoors / Patio and The Living PlantUrn which are both becoming popular among families throughout the U.S. The company will also soon introduce its third indoor urn called Eco Home, which is an eco-friendly decorative urn made from bamboo.

The Living Urn Indoors / Patio

indoor urn

The Living Urn Indoors / Patio is a patented cremation urn made from high quality porcelain and comes in the three beautiful colors – white, blue, and beige. This unique indoor planter urn comes with a series of interlocking chambers inside that secure the ashes in the urn and also allow for enough room for a bonsai tree or houseplant and soil additives. The Living Urn offers a number of different and beautiful bonsai tree and houseplant options that are easy to grow and easy to maintain throughout the year (so you don’t have to have a green thumb!). In addition, there is also the option to have a vase in the center of the urn where you can place cut flowers – this gives you the ability to have an array of color in the home throughout the year to honor a loved one! A subscription service for flower bouquets will be introduced in the next few months, giving you fresh cut flowers every two or four weeks at your doorstep ready to place in the urn!

The Living PlantUrn

indoor planter urn

The Living PlantUrn is a limited edition decorative urn that holds the cremated ashes of a loved one and has as special area on top of the urn for a succulent or other small plant. This unique indoor urn keeps your loved one’s memory present in the home in a beautiful and uplifting way.

The Living PlantUrn was designed and is and handcrafted by a U.S.-based artist who takes great care to make sure each memory piece is worthy of a loved one’s memorial. This series of decorative urns are made from premium rescued California Sycamore and FSC Certified Black Walnut woods and sanded to express the amazing grains and beauty this wood can provide. The Living PlantUrn is developed with two parts – a top and bottom portion. These are connected with rare earth magnets that are embedded in the wood to lock the pieces together and maintains the look of the urn as elegant and also minimal.

Each Living PlantUrn comes with a quality porcelain pot to hold a succulent or other plant on top of the urn. These types of plants are typically inexpensive and can be found at grocery stores, hardware stores, and nurseries throughout the country. In addition, an all natural premium cotton bag is provided to hold your loved one’s ashes within the urn. This special indoor urn can be the primary memorial for a loved one or be used with part of their ashes and be one of multiple memorials.

Eco Home Urn

Eco Home is a new cremation urn offering by The Living Urn that is expected to be officially introduced next month. It’s a beautiful twist on the traditional rectangular wooden urn, however, is handcrafted and made from bamboo, a sustainable resource and one of the strongest materials on earth. This beautiful eco-friendly indoor urn has elegant detail and is handcrafted by some of the industry’s most talented designers.   

Other Indoor Options

In addition to the indoor urns mentioned above, there are thousands of other options available. A quick internet search can provide you with these. However, many companies do not provide the same quality guarantee as Biolife (The Living Urn) and almost all of these do not include a plant or tree option (such as the ones described above). If you are looking to order an urn online from an unknown source, it is highly recommended to do some research first so the urn you received is as you expected and you’re not disappointed with what you receive.

Which Urn is Right for My Loved One?

With so many options, the cremation urn that is right for your loved one all depends on what he or she would have wanted and what can be afforded. Biolife prices all of its urns so they’re affordable and provide for a meaningful memorial.

As ashes have no expiration, another option is to keep them in the container provided by the funeral home or crematorium and decide upon a cremation urn at a later date. Many families do this as it gives them time to make an informed decision and not rush into getting an urn right after the passing of their loved one.

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